We know there is this week before your period when your hormones tend to get all crazy! All hell breaks loose and doing anything other than staying in bed with a movie sounds exhausting. You mood, temper, emotions and energy are all over the place. Yes, you guessed it the dreaded PMS. But, did you know that it could be that men PMS too? Well, I wasn't very surprised when I realized that PMS – PreMENstural cycle - has MEN in it! Who knew the world has always also had male PMS?

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IMS (Irritable Male Syndrome)

As striking as it seems, apparYES men tend to PMS too! Recent studies showed that men suffer from conditions very close to PMS called IMS. IMS stands for Irritable Male Syndrome. Unlike women, men experience IMS symptoms at anytime as it’s not fixed or monthly. It can be everyday too! You will might find him blaming it on traffic or a bad day at work! Too much salt, smoking, unhealthy diet, stress, along with biochemical changes and hormonal fluctuations can be the main reasons behind an IMSing man.

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What are his IMS symptoms?

Excuse your man; IMS symptoms are as bad as period pain. They are a result of withdrawal of testosterone. Some of the symptoms are...

1. Stomach cramps

2. Backaches

3. Iritability

4. Hot flashes

5. Anxiety

6. Anger

7. Moodiness

8. Hypersensitivity

9. Depression

10. Fatigue

Sound familiar?!

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What to do about about IMS?

No it’s not a laughing matter! Watch over him when he’s all grumpy while eating an extra large bar of chocolate, king-sized pizza or a pile of candy! Also, it tends to be highest in the mornings. By then you will know that his testosterone is at a very low level, it’s alright, don’t freak out! Be a good partner and encourage him to eat balanced food, exercise and sleep more. This helps in balancing his hormone levels.

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Turns out, we're not alone...

Imagine yourself on one of your awful PMSing days sharing a bar of chocolate or a bucket of ice-cream with your boyfriend or husband! Funny, isn't it? Women of the world, you don’t suffer alone! Shifting hormones is something we share with men too!

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Are we sure IMS exists?

There is still no hard evidence that male PMS is does 100% happen, but some researchers are convinced that is does and it just happens to be that are so many searches on google and questions about male PMS. That must say something...

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