8 Trendy Sleek Looks for Greasy Hair

Engy Elghannam
2/20/23, 12:00 PM

We’ve all been there. We don’t have time to shower, maybe we used too much conditioner that made our hair oily, or we're just preserving our color. Whatever the reason is, greasy hair is rarely glamorous. So, if you are facing the problem of having greasy hair, it's the best time to have sleek hairstyles in your back pocket. Luckily, sleek looks are the coolest hairstyle ideas of the moment. Scroll on for all the sleek hairstyles for greasy hair you're going to want to try whether you have oily roots or not.

Spiky Bun 

The early-2000s spiky bun is back, and it’s perfect for your go-to sleek bun. To get a spiky yet sleek updo, you have to make sure the hair is straightened beforehand, after your hair is completely straightened, use oil or serum to smooth down any flyaways. As this will make it much easier to start with a smooth and sleek base. Gather your hair into a ponytail, if you want to achieve an extra sleek base use hair gel, feel free to shop gel Bubblzz Flax Seed Cream Gel from ZAYNAH begin twisting your hair around the base of your ponytail, and to give your bun the spiky effect, leave out the ends of your hair by positioning them at the top of your bun.

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Y2K Pony

This look is great for using the grease you already have to really sleek the hair back. Separate the tendrils; the two tiny pieces of your hair in the front, then use a fine-tooth brush to pull the rest of your hair back into a pony. For this look you want to sleek your hair from root to end perfectly, to make the front tendrils really pop.

Image Credits: Karen Wazen

Snatched Pony

This super sleek look is my favorite it is always eye-catching and makes you look put together. This style of ponytail suits any occasion it looks great during brunch or at work, and it’s also a fabulous look for a night out. To Achieve a Snatched Ponytail, you need a hairbrush and a serum to tame your flyaways and frizz. You can shop now the L'Oreal Paris Elvive Frizz Killer Serum from ZAYNAH. Then It’s time to start gathering your hair for the snatched ponytail and secure it with a tie.

Image Credit: Nadine Abdelaziz

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Slick Braid

The key to this sleek low pony braid is to use a good gel on your hair before braiding. Since you're going to be washing your hair anyway, don't be afraid to really pile the gel on. The more you use gel the better the look gets.

French Braids

To conceal greasy roots, go with two classic French braids. They are absolutely the perfect hairstyle to make you feel fancy. Check out Aya Abdelhamid's video on how to braid your hair.

Video Credit: Aya Abdelhamid

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Wet look

This is a great look if your hair is so greasy because it utilizes the oils being naturally produced by the hair. To start this hairstyle, dampen the hair throughout. Then use a cocktail of conditioner, mousse, and a lightweight gel. This mixture of products will make your wet hair look lasts all day; The conditioner adds to your hair, which allows you to scrunch your hair and still have a wet look. The mousse and gel together create a stronghold that has pliability.

Tentacle Braid

 Take my word for it, this is going to be the best and most trendy hairstyle of the summer. Start with your sleek pony base using serum or oil and divide the ponytail into four sections. Braid each section, and finish with a clear elastic. 

Image Credits: Karen Wazen

Glam Volume

Anything with a sleek front is key when you're looking for a hairstyle for greasy hair. Start this style by adding volume to the roots with a Velcro roller then take the front two inches of hair and secure it all the way at the nape of the neck at the base of your head with elastic to ensure they really stay in place, or with a bobby pin if your front pieces are shorter. Then you let the rest of the hair down.

Image Credits: Huda El mufti

It's never a problem to have a greasy hair, your hair is just fine and healthy. So, get ready to deal with it and love it with all these cool sleek hairstyles that will totally be your go-to. 





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