Best 9 Hair Masks for All Types of Hair

Mariam Youssef
8/28/22, 3:00 PM

When your hair is exposed to the sun most of the time or covered under your headscarf for long hours, it can feel dry and frizzy. That, among other different reasons, can make your hair lack the moisture it requires to grow healthily and the nutrients it needs to look its best. For this reason, we decided to show you the best hair masks for all hair types that can help you have healthy, shiny hair all the time.

Raw African

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This local brand offers some awesome hair products, but their hair masks are their top ones. Raw Maya Hair Mask and Raw Shea Hair Mask are made from 100% natural ingredients that help your hair gain strength and look shiny by moisturizing it and treating all damaged split ends. According to your hair porosity, you can choose the mask that’s suitable for your hair. Apply on dry or damp hair, put a shower cap on, and leave it for 2 hours. Then, rinse well with shampoo. Shop these products from Zynah.


To know what your hair porosity is, when you’re combing your hair, take a single strand and drop it into a glass of water. If your hair is low porosity, it will float; however, if it floats then begins to sink slowly, it is normal porosity. Hair that is high porosity will sink immediately.


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The hair mask by Areej offers you a blend of amazing oils, such as rosemary, lavender, black seed, peppermint, jojoba, and shea butter to strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss with a fantastic nourishing effect. This mask is suitable for all hair types, so whether you have an oily scalp or dry frizzy hair, this mask will provide you with beautifully shocking results. You can apply it to your hair before showering and leave it on for an hour. Or you can apply it after shampooing; keep it on for a few minutes and rinse it off. Shop this product from Zynah.


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The extra powerful formula of Rhea Glow Hair Mask that is infused with argan oil and silk proteins helps hydrate your hair and lock in moisture to give your hair a perfect look. This mask is also meant for anti-hair loss and nourishing and strengthening dry and brittle hair. Apply on wet hair and gently rub into the scalp, using circular motions. Leave it for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water. Shop this product from Zynah.


This brand offers three different hair masks that are meant to treat multiple hair problems. For instance, Bobana Hair Mask with Argan Oil contains a rich formula that works as a powerful antioxidant that helps repair hair damage caused by heat exposure, dyeing, and chemical treatments, making your hair look healthy and smooth. Moreover, The Black Garlic Oil Hair Mask improves the blood flow to hair follicles, which helps prevent hair loss and enhances hair strength and thickness. Last but not least, The Coconut Oil Hair Mask is a deep-moisturizing formula that nourishes dry and frizzy hair and leaves it silky and soft. All these masks are silicon, paraben, and sulfate-free. Shop these products from Zynah.


The hair products by Cantu are known for their amazing results and great formulas. The Cantu Shea Butter - Deep Treatment Masque restores and strengthens dry, damaged hair. It doesn’t contain mineral oil, sulfate, paraben, or silicone. Moreover, this mask is great for over-processed hair. The brand also has several hair-treatment leave-in conditioners that are widely loved by customers.

Bio Soft

The Argan Oil Hair Mask and Avocado Hair Mask from Biosoft moisturize your hair, protect it from breakage, and reduce hair loss. This brand also offers a great mask for dry hair, which is The Deep Conditioner with Shea Butter. It deeply moisturizes the hair, reduces frizz, helps treat dandruff, and prevents hair from splitting.


Cleopatra Shea Butter Conditioner Cream is an excellent product for damaged hair. The anti-inflammatory Shea butter gives your hair shine and strength and prevents hair breakage. Moreover, vitamins A and E work on nourishing the hair, reducing dryness, and preventing split ends.

Shea Moisture

The Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque is an intense conditioning deep treatment that infuses hair with a powerful dose of moisture and nutrients. The shea butter, honey, and baobab oils are blended with antioxidants that restore and lock in moisture. This mask smoothens hair follicles to provide stronger, healthier, and frizz-free hair.


The Moisture Bae Hair Mask from Joviality is a must-have, especially for curly heads. It nourishes and hydrates your hair since it’s enriched with Moroccan argan oil and shea butter. It also provides intensive nourishment and reduces breakage, leaving you with shiny beautiful hair. Apply it before shampooing and leave it on for 30 minutes to moisturize your hair and repair damage.

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