11 Curly Hair Summer Hairstyles

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6/27/21, 12:00 AM

Curly hair is both a blessing and a challenge because it has its own personality. You never know what kind of result you'll get when you wake up or when you wash your hair. You usually stick to one or two hairstyles, but now is the time to embrace your curls and experiment with new looks. In this article, I'll show you 11 curly hairstyles for the summer to try this year.

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1. Wear a headband

Headband for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @itsashleyreuben, Ok Chicas

This year, headbands are very trendy. If you're letting your hair down, use a headband and pull your bangs out to create a fun look. Another option, is to put your hair in a low ponytail and wear a headband. Add some nice earrings and you're good to go.

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2. Space buns

Space buns hairstyle for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @chelliscurls, Instagram @joyjah

Space buns are a timeless hairstyle that can be worn by women of all ages. If you want a morning look, divide your hair into two sections and put the upper part in two buns, while the lower part is left out. If you want an edgy night look, go for space buns and a bold lipstick with statement earrings, and you're ready to go.

3. Silk scarf

silk scarf for curly hair

Image credits: My Chic Obsession, Instagram @julianalouiise

If you want to look effortlessly chic, this style is very simple. Tie a silk scarf around your ponytail, whether it's low or high. It will give you a sophisticated look and will only take a minute of your time.

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4. Braids

Braids for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @jessie.massoud, With Love Caila 

When it comes to braids, the options are endless. You can do a regular ponytail and then braid it. Or, a personal favorite of mine, a French braid with a few hairs left out at the end for a two-in-one look (braid and ponytail). You could also do two braids and then put them together in a bun. And the simplest one is two simple braids, which we used to do in elementary school.

5. Hair clips

Hair clips for curly hair

Image credits: Curly Tay, Ok Chicas

Hair clips are another simple and fun way to style your hair. You can wear your hair in a low ponytail with two hair clips on each side, or just one on one side. If you have long curls that always hide your earrings, you can let your hair down and add hair clips to one side only. This hairstyle will help you show off your earrings.

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6. A pineapple

Pineapple hairstyle for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @hif3licia, Instagram @oliviacalabio

It's difficult to leave your hair down on hot summer days, which is where the pineapple hairstyle comes in handy. You can go for a messy pineapple by simply putting your hair in a high ponytail and not brushing it, , or a sleek one. By sleek, I mean brushing your hair and adding a little frizz-controlling gel. Remember to wear your statement earrings!

7. The bandana look

Bandana for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @cecilialaulanne

This style screams the 2000s, but it's back in style. This look also works if you're having a bad hair day and want to cover it up. Instead of putting your hair in a bun, wear a bandana and let it down.

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8. The sleek style

Sleek hairstyle for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @opheliazcurls, Instagram @jessie.massoud

If you're bored of letting your hair down without doing anything about it, try the sleek style. A low, sleek ponytail is an option. Alternatively, if you want your hair to have some movement, divide it into two sections and brush the front part, pinning it in place with bobby pins, while leaving the rest loose.

9. The spice girls hairstyle

Spice girls hairstyle

Image credits: Instagram @cecilialaulanne

I guess we've all grown up listening to the Spice Girls and admired their fashion sense. We all had this hairstyle at some point during our childhood. Why don't we give it a try right now and see how it looks on us? In this hairstyle, you divide the front part of your hair into sections and add tiny hair clips or hair bands to each section. If you want a more colorful hairstyle, use colorful hair ties or clips.

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10. A messy bun and scarf

Messy bun and scarf hairstyle for curly hair

Image credits: Instagram @oliviacalabio

This is another of my personal favorites because I can style my hair like this when I'm having a lazy or bad hair day. I just pull my hair back in a pineapple or a bun and add a bright-colored scarf. No one would guess that I was having bad hair. To finish the look wear statement earrings and bold lipstick.

11. Creating bangs without having one

Curly hair bangs

Image credits: Instagram @itsashleyreuben, Instagram @monicasamirelgendi

If you don't have bangs and want bangs, this is the style for you. You can style your hair in a messy bun and leave a few strands of your front hair loose to give you the appearance of having bangs. Alternatively, style your hair in a half-updo with the other half out and a few strands pulled out from the front.

Main image credits: Instagram @aishtray


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