Your Guide to Hair Wigs, Types, How to Style And Wear Them
Mariam Youssef
12/5/22, 3:00 PM

Wigs are undoubtedly in style right now, and we're mystified as to why this didn't happen sooner. Wigs have several uses. You can cut, curl, or color your wig depending on the style you’re going for to make it fit your vibe. Additionally, wigs are a fantastic protective style alternative, protecting your natural hair from any potential harm while yet allowing you to experiment with a variety of looks. But first, some ground rules need to be set before you start wearing your wig. Therefore, we'll show you different wig types and how to style a wig without damaging your own hair.

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Types of Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs cost more, but they resemble and feel more realistic. They can be styled with heat, and, with proper care, will last for at least a year. You have a lot more styling possibilities when using human hair wigs for your hair. These wigs should be cared for the same way as your own hair. Before utilizing any hot equipment, spray on a heat-protectant all over your hair. To maintain your look for longer and use less heat, take off your wig at night and put it on a wig head (or lay it flat in a silk or satin bag).

Synthetic Wigs

Although synthetic wigs don't seem as natural and typically can't be heat styled, they are far more cost-effective and require less maintenance than human hair wigs. You cannot use heated styling equipment to style a full synthetic wig. They typically come with fixed looks that are woven into the synthetic strands of the wig, making it extremely impossible to change the style without damaging the wig.

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How to Style Human Hair Wigs?

Styling your human hair wig is quite similar to preparing your real hair. you should start by making sure that your wig is completely detangled. Clear any knots and tangles with a detangling brush. Moreover, when brushing, start at the ends and work your way up. This will guarantee that there isn't a huge amount of breaking.

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A moderate amount of leave-in conditioner and a heat protectant spray should then be used to protect your wig from heat damage. Look for a product that will hydrate and protect if you want to use as a few items as possible. If your wig has waves or curls, use a leave-in product that enhances curls before letting it air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser on low heat. You'll obtain a more clearly defined texture thanks to this.

How to Style Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs typically require more attentive wig treatment since the fibers are delicate and hence more prone to damage. It's important to note that synthetic wigs simply need to be gently shaken to style them because they are typically already fixed into their pre-made styles. You can fine-tune your individual styling preferences by stroking the fibers with your fingers for quick tweaks.

Tools and Products to Use When Styling Your Wigs

If you're working with a human hair wig, any hot tool is fair game. However, you should try to refrain from frequently heating your wigs because using too much heat risks damaging them. Similarly, whenever you can, air dry your wig after washing it instead of blow drying it.

To prevent buildup, it is advised to stay away from silicone-containing products, particularly when it comes to cleansing which, for the record, can make it harder for the hair to hold on to moisture, leaving your wig looking and feeling dry. However, if your preferred gel or styling product contains silicone, you can revive your wig by using a clarifying shampoo followed by a deep-conditioning treatment.

Finally, a human hair wig will cost more than a synthetic one, but if you want to have fun styling it, it will be well worth the extra money. With a wig, you have the opportunity to change up your appearance without compromising your natural hair or committing to a certain look. Just remember that even if it isn't your real hair, you should still treat it with care if you want it to look shiny and stay healthy. This includes applying heat protectants whenever possible and carefully detangling your hair.

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