Try These 10 Successful Ways to Avoid Dry Hair This Winter

Mariam Youssef
1/29/23, 5:00 PM

Split ends and breaking are common during the winter thanks to the combo of the dry inside heat and the chilly outdoor air. Breakage isn't just a summertime-exclusive dilemma. Every type of hair can experience it during the winter too. There are several preventative measures you should take year-round if you want to maintain gorgeous hair. That’s why we did thorough research to show you how to prevent winter hair damage for all hair types.

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Shampoo Less

Skin plaques can suffocate the scalp, stifling growth in addition to itching and flaking. Experts advise scaling back on the cleansing. If possible, use a bit less shampoo, especially if you have more severe scalp problems and flakes. Additionally, keeping an eye on your nutrition and reducing stress are helpful treatments for scalp issues.

Go For Oil-Based Moisturizers

No matter what your hair type is, dry air bursts are bad for you. Extra moisture is the only defense against it. Natural, curly, wavy, relaxed, and coil-style hair is all prone to breakage and split ends in colder climates. In order to protect textured hair, experts advise applying a heavier-than-usual oil-based moisturizer that will fade more slowly.

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Weekly Treatments and Hydration

All hair textures should concentrate on weekly hair treatments to restore moisture lost due to dry air. Because there isn't enough moisture in the indoor air during the winter, hair dries up. This is when a good conditioner proves useful. You should take care of your hair once a week by applying conditioner and waiting 30 minutes for the moisture to absorb into the hair shaft.

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Try Leave-in Conditioners

Winter weather is a time when flying, fine strands are frequently seen, which is a serious indicator of dryness. Instead of using static guards or dryer sheets, experts suggest treating your hair regularly and sealing it in with a leave-in conditioner.

Skip Platinum Hair Dye

You might want to tone down your ambitious blonde goals at this time of year. Although platinum is great, it harms hair so severely. It is advisable to wait till the weather is friendlier and apply a demi-permanent color while leaving the roots a touch darker. When you're ready to switch back to platinum again, the process won't be as damaging because it will wash away.

Furthermore, you should use fewer chemical straighteners. Reduce the amount of chemicals you use on your hair as this will increase moisture levels and lessen breakage. If not, use kinder products and always get application advice from a professional.

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Take a Break From Heavy Heat Styling

Split ends and breakage are likely to happen from excessive heat and dryness. To avoid damage, experts advise making frequent use of heat protection, such as leave-in conditioners. Consider protective hairstyles that offer your hair a break from frequent heating, such as braids, twists, buns, and ponytails.

Refrain From Going Outside With Damp Hair

Even though mornings are busy, it's important to fully dry hair before rushing outside into the cold. Anything cold expands, and that's what might happen with your wet hair shaft in the cold weather, making you more susceptible to breakage and speeding up the fading of your hair dye. Spend some time drying your hair or wake up earlier than usual to allow time for it to air dry. Later, your hair—and the cost at the salon—will thank you.

Replace Wool with Silk

Warning: If you have curly or naturally textured hair, wool, cotton, and other coarse fibers can lead to split ends and breakage. Always use silk or satin to lining hats made of wool, acrylic, or cotton. Purchase or repurpose old fabric (such as a silk blouse or vintage scarf) to fit any hat you already own. Before putting on a hat, girls with curly or naturally curly hair hydrate with an oil-based product, while women with smooth, straight hair use a silk scarf to extend their blowout. Under your hat, wrap a silk scarf around your blowout or hairstyle to protect it. Remove the scarf when you reach your location, and your blowout will remain intact and safe.

Dry Shampoo For Volume

When it comes to the dreaded "hat head," which can destroy your style and, you know, your whole day, those with greasy hair may find that it turns incredibly floppy. Particularly at the root, you should shampoo slightly more and condition a little less. For more volume and to assist build up the style, use a nice spray or thickening tonic. Dry shampoos are excellent since they maintain the hair thicker and fuller while also expanding the hair shaft.

Overnight Hydration

Your skin, as well as your hair, lose moisture to the dry night air. Night serums are recommended by hairstylists. Although it occasionally makes a mess on your pillowcase, we recommend saving an old pillowcase for hydration nights. Just before going to bed, apply a serum on dry hair since it can penetrate through dry hair more easily than wet hair.

Girls with curly, relaxed, and textured hair should moisturize at night with a light oil rich in omega fatty acids and an additional layer of protection. To prevent friction, always wear a silk scarf or a sleep hat to cover your hair. Additionally, it will maintain moisture levels.

Regardless of your hair type, winter weather can be unkind to you. If you’re suffering from a flakey scalp, dryness, or fizziness, make sure you follow the mentioned tips to keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous.

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