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10 Outfit Ideas to Show You How to Wear Fitted Dresses With Hijab

Jasmine Kamal
12/3/20, 12:00 AM

How to wear a form fitting dress? A lot of hijabis have that question on their minds and hijabi bloggers have been killing the styling, so there are now a lot of outfit ideas and options out there. Fitted dresses are really popular for winter 2021. Sometimes they're satin, cotton and a lot are knitwear. Keep reading to see how to wear fitted dresses with the hijab.

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A top or shirt under fitted dresses

how to wear fitted dresses with the hijab

If your dress is sleeveless, then you can wear wear it with a shirt or turtleneck top for a really chic modern look. You can either match the top to the color of you dress or go for contrast, like these 2 looks here. Also if the dress is midi or not long enough you can wear it with high boots, they look amazing with dresses. 

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Cardigan/blazers over a fitted dress

how to wear fitted dresses with the hijab

Another great trick for hijabis looking for something more modest is wearing a cardigan, long blazer or even trench coat with a fitted dress. Also, if the dress has slit on the side, you can style it like the outfit on the left with colored opaque tights.

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Denim/leather jackets with fitted dresses

how to wear fitted dresses with the hijab

A Denim and leather jacket is great combo with dresses. You can throw it on your shoulders casually or wear it normally. In any case it will look great with these types of dresses and is an easy way to make it look effortless and casual. You can also try, here, wearing a belt at the waist for definition.

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Note: If you're also looking for your outfit to be more modest, your can choose a dress in a dark color, like deep browns, black and so on...


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