Off the shoulder clothes seem difficult to style for Hijabis, but as we've seen more and more these past couple of years, you can wear whatever you like and want, but it's all about tips and tricks to make it work for you. So, today we're showing you how to wear off the shoulder clothes with the hijab, whether it's a top, dress, shirt or even coat, thanks to the amazing styling and outfit ideas by these hijabi bloggers...

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Don't forget to scroll down to the gallery below to see more hijab off shoulder clothes outfit ideas…

How to wear an off the shoulder top with hijab

how to wear off shoulder tops with hijab

You can actually really easily, as seen in these outfits above, wear your favorite off the shoulder top with a shirt or fitted top. You can layer it with a long shirt and wear them with pants or even skirts.  

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How to wear off shoulder dresses with the hijab

how to wear off shoulder dresses with hijab

Because I am a Hijabi too, I have to think for a while before buying an off shoulder dress, wondering what I can wear underneath. But as seen here, you can wear a top or a light fall turtleneck. Make sure your top matches your dress or go for neutrals.

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Fall outfit ideas for off the shoulder coats with hijab

how to wear off shoulder coat with hijab

Drop shoulder and cutouts have been really popular. You can see that here even with coats as well. You can wear them with a top or turtleneck as well, depending on the weather and style of coat. Play around with layering here for a cool modern fall look. 

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How to style off the shoulder shirts with hijab

how to wear off shoulder shirts with hijab

If you're looking to try something off shoulder for the first time, we think you can start with shirts. They look really cool and modern, and you can wear it over a fitted light sweater or top. If your shirt is white, go for a black top because the contrast looks nice together.