Every hijabi woman thinks about her looks in the winter, and wonders what she can wear and how to look elegant during this season. We know that winter fashion can be a bit tricky for hijabis, so we decided to help you. In a previous article, we have gathered some staple pieces that should be in your wardrobe this winter, and this time we decided to give you various ideas to help you wear each piece differently. So keep reading, see the photos, and get some inspiration…

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Oversized pullovers with skirts and pants

Yes, wide, loose pullovers are among the most trending pieces in winter 2023. You can style them in various ways to get a new look every time. For example, wear your oversized pullover with pants or skirts without tucking it in. For a cooler look, you can tuck it in the front or sides of the skirt.

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How to style coats with hijab?

One of the great winter pieces that you can buy this winter is the knee or ankle-length coat. It provides you with the ultimate warmth and you can match it with whatever outfit you decide to put on. You can also style it in more than one way, whether with pants, skirts, or elegant winter dresses.

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The winter cardigan is an ideal choice for hijabis

A long, loose-fitting cardigan is also a must-have in your wardrobe this winter. Style it with a long top or a light pullover and see how unique your outfit will be. But if you want to get an edgy, modern look, you can pair it with leather pants.

Wool vest for hijabis with dresses and pants

As we mentioned before in previous articles, the woolen vest is one of the most popular pieces in winter 2023. In fact, you can style it in various ways and create fantastic outfits every time you put it on. For example, wear it with dresses, skirts, or pants. With a simple touch, you can make it look different. Tucking it in your pants and wearing a belt can make your outfit extra classy and unique.

Puffer jacket for a modern look

The puffer jacket is one of the most trendy pieces this season that is easy to style with any casual outfit you prefer. You can pair it with a sporty set, a simple dress and sneakers, or pointed boots. Don't forget to keep your headscarf style subtle to balance out the bulkiness puffer jacket.

Styling knitted dresses for hijabis

Although some people may consider that knitted dresses are not suitable for hijab, being tight on the body, you can still manage to make it work. Pair your knitted dresses with long coats if they’re too tight. However, if they’re short, you can style them with high boots to cover your legs.

Colorful winter outfits for hijabis

Certainly, hijabi women can wear colorful pieces of clothing and style them in so many different ways. To create successful colorful outfits, use the color wheel to help you create suitable, eye-catching outfits for you and your upcoming winter outing.

Monochromatic outfits inspired by Samar Shaker

The fashion blogger, Samar Shaker, is very creative when it comes to creating her own hijab looks, even during her pregnancy. Among the many unique styles that she adopts is monochromatic outfits, using different shades of the same color. This technique in styling clothes will help you look taller and slimmer as well. Can you see yourself pulling off this style in the winter?