Most 90s trends, such as chunky sliders and wide-leg jeans, as well as the bandana trend, made a huge comeback this year. Growing up listening to Spice Girls and seeing their stylish hairstyles always made you want to look and dress like them. You can still do that because some 90s inspired hairstyles are very popular this year! Someone get me a brush and some hair clips because I'm ready to have a Spice Girls moment. 

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The majority of these hairstyles are suitable for all hair types, so no strand is left behind! As a curly-haired girl, I sometimes find it difficult to manage my curls, but I've tried a few things that worked really well and some that didn't look so great on me. In this article, I'll tell you more about the 5 most popular 90s inspired hairstyles to try and see which ones you'll be rocking.

1. Bubble Braids

90s inspired hairstyles-Bubble braids

Image Credits: Instagram @gigihadid, @fiahamelijnckGrazia

This 90s-inspired hairstyle is perfect for ladies who don't know how to braid their own hair or are looking for a quick hairstyle. If you're wondering what a bubble braid is, read on. You basically put your hair in a ponytail or pigtails and then get your hairbands. It can be a single-color hairband or a colorful one. Then you evenly space them down the length to create a bubble effect. It's a quick and easy hairstyle that will look great on you and is suitable for all hair types.

Another interesting way to wear bubble braids is to do only the front part of your hair and leave the rest out. This was a fun look that Gigi Hadid pulled off and it looked great on her.

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2. Claw clips 

90s inspired hairstyles-Claw clips

Image credits: Instagram @karenwazen, Etsy

If you're wondering, yes, claw clips are back. I used to wear them everywhere and to everything when I was younger, but in retrospect, they didn't look that great with my curls, which is why I was surprised when they made a comeback.

We have to admit that they are very simple to use and extremely versatile. Their vibrant colors and patterns make you want more and more. You can get a large one to twist up your long hair or a small one for a cute half up-do, which is what I do now with my curls and they look way better than the all twisted one.

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3. Face-framing highlights

90s inspired hairstyles-face framing highlights

Image Credits: Instagram @brittanyxavier, @nnennaechem

Do you remember when highlights were popular? They're back, but with a twist: this 90s-inspired look is huge this year. A chunky highlight from your framing bangs that is a different color than your hair. It can be a bright color like pink, or it can be more subtle, like going a few shades lighter than your hair.

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4. Wolf cut 

90s inspired hairstyles-wolf cut

Image credits: Instagram @daniellemarcan, @maria_bernad

Thanks to TikTok, this year is all about chopping your hair in a 90s-inspired hairstyle. This hairstyle has been very popular, and seeing people's before and after photos makes you want to grab a pair of scissors and cut your hair in this fashionable style. The wolf cut has short layers in the front, is tapered in the back, and highlights volume on top.

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5. Colorful hair clips

90s inspired hairstyles-Colorful hair clips

Image Credits: Pop Sugar 

Pearl hair clips and hair clips with encouraging words are very trendy this year; it's a 90s hairstyle with a modern twist; back then, it was just colored or patterned hair clips, but now it's more of pearls and beads, and some even have shells and butterflies. This is a very cute summer look.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @spicegirlsnet