I am well aware that our mental health problems and emotional struggles cannot be fixed by something as simple as a haircut. That would be problematic to say or assume. However, many of us find themselves doing small rituals, routines and shall I say 'pick me ups' to help us feel a little better and show ourselves some love and kindness. Among those things, for so many people , including myself, are haircuts. They are one of the biggest mood boosters and a quick way to feel refreshed and re-energized with a nice boost of confidence. 

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In fact my relationship with my hair is quite emotional. When I decided to chop half of it off, I was literally shaking in my seat. But when I got my lob haircut I fell in love. It was almost like I found a part of personality and my haircuts became not just something I do to freshen up or trim the ends, but something I do so I can feel like myself again. My short hair felt like a part I of who I am, I no longer felt like myself when my hair grew out, and I remember the first time I cut it I said to my friend it feels like this is how my hair should have been all along. 

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I know it might sound really dramatic, but I believe that a big part of self love is discovering and doing what makes YOU feel your best. My confidence levels sky rocket when I get my haircut. I also realized that when it came to it I really didn't care about what people thought. that's how much confidence it gave me and how happy it made me. A lot of people would say they'd like my hair longer or wavier, but I would still persist because I felt better with my hair straight and short. This level of confidence wasn't always there for me, but I realized that my hair and how comfortable I am with it made a huge difference in how I felt and my general confidence. 

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Of course there's the part where all my outfits and makeup looks look 10 times better when my hair is shorter. I just feel and look great in things I didn't feel that great in with longer hair. Maybe one day things will be different. But for now, I love my hair short and sleek and for a few days my haircut is a huge mood booster for me. 

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So, to wrap up here are a few ways a haircut can help you feel better:

1. You will instantly feel refreshed.

2. Going to salon and getting your hair done is a good way to pamper and spoil yourself. 

3. A haircut slightly changes how the face looks, so you'll be excited by the overall makeover feel.

4. Getting excited to get dressed up and seeing what looks cool with your new hair and the different updos and hairstyles you can try out. 

5. If you have an emotional attachment to your hair, a haircut can actually be a good way to learn to let go and start over by channelling/visualising what you're trying to achieve emotionally on the inside through the haircut. 

6. The act of doing something for yourself and only for yourself is a beautiful form of self care and self love. 

7. If you like the feeling of your hair being brushed by someone and cared for, then going to salon, getting it washed, massaged, brushed and cut would be a very relaxing experience for you. Try to enjoy it and be present to relax and release as much stress and anxiety as possible.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @kaiagerber