We're approaching the first quarter of the new year and everyone's excited for all the trends it's bringing. One of the most important factors that strongly affect our overall look are haircuts and hairstyles. You probably noticed that recently short haircuts are the most trending and the haircut trends for 2020, of course, included short haircuts. But also, you'll be pleased to see that long haircuts and throwback haircuts are also going to be big this year!

Today, we brought a list of the most trending haircuts in 2020:

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'70s Haircut with Curtains Bangs


A lot of celebs are now rocking the famous '70s hairstyle that frames the face with curtain side swept bangs or a fringe. Also this look has been seen with a more textured and choppy look. Which brings us to the next trend...

Choppy Layers and the 'blow dry' Look


Choppy layers are back, giving us major '90s vibes, especially when they're styled to have a poofy blow dry look. Don't you just miss those twisted in ends?

The Bob Haircut 


Bobs are still going strong like nothing else. This year the bob trends vary. First there's the really short bob, right below the ear. The there's the choppy messy bob. Of course there's everyone's favorite blunt bob and the asymmetrical bob.

Short Bangs


Bangs are getting shorter as well. This year the bangs trend will mainly be for them to sit above the eyebrows. However, there's also the '70s bangs trend and the '2000s side sweep.

One Length Haircut


On the longer end of things, it is also going to be popular this year to have all your hair cut at the same length, wether you have really long hair or shorter. 

Really Short Pixie Haircut


Thanks to the stunning ZoĆ« Kravitz, this year's pixie haircut trend will be all about going really really short and choppy, with really short Audrey Hepburn bangs as well. 

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Main image credits: Instagram @selenagomez