Do you want to go short next? We highly recommend in. Short hairstyles are so in and a lot of them are timeless so it's hard to go wrong with them. They're also easy, comfortable, and they make outfits and makeup look soo cool and chic. So we've got 70 short hairstyles and short haircuts to inspire you when you're going for your next hair cut, whether you have curly, straight, thick or thin hair...

Pixie Hairstyle Ideas


Going for a pixie haircut might seem like a bit of a risk and it's definitely not an impulse sort of haircut, however, maybe it should be because look at how fantastic it looks. We made sure to include options for all different types of hair. There's also many style options that you can check out below, including sleek evening hairstyles and beautiful natural curly ones. Keep in mind that pixie hairstyles look great with bangs, even if they're subtle swept side bangs. 

Bob Hairstyle Ideas


Everyone's current favorite...the bob. I don't think we'll be getting over the blunt bob anytime soon. It sits right below the jaw, so it defines it and it's really flattering. With natural curly hair it's voluminous and sexy and if your going for straight hair it's sleek and really chic.  There are endless bob hairstyle ideas below, from the basic ones to bangs. You can also get a lot of inspiration on how to cut it and how to style it afterwards.  

Lob Hairstyle Ideas


Lobs suit so many people and are great if you're not ready to cut it as short as a bob. Most lob haircuts rest on the shoulders, so they're more comfortable for most people. They're also very stylish with so many styling choices to choose from. You can go for straight, wavy or curly and it will look great with all of them!

Check out below 70 short hairstyles to inspire your next haircut...