Our hair problems and bad hair days are never ending. Sometimes we just want to snap our fingers and have the 'I just got my hair done at the salon' look. No matter how good you get at blow drying your hair or how well you can use the straightener it still doesn't work as well.

Over my years of bad/oily hair days experience, I've managed to come up with a few tricks up my sleeve, thanks to the internet. I've realized that getting the hair in a pony tail or bun is the best way to hide away a bad hair day. It can even save you when you have a big event or wedding, because people will assume you just got a chic, sleek look at the salon. With a nice pair of earrings and a red lip, you're good to go.

So how do you get it to look chic? Here's how you can get an instant sophisticated look and feel to your hair...

It's all in the sleekness of an updo/tying your hair back. Straightening your hair and brushing it back nicely is your starting point.


- Hair oil (yes, it said it)

- Hair spray

- A comb

- A spooly (the brush you use to tame your eyebrows)

- A hair tie

- Dry Shampoo


1. Now use the hair oil to tame any frizziness or flyaways.

2. Part your hair with a comb, according to your preferred parting. I personally prefer a nice, average, side part.

3. Brush it back really smoothly, until your hair looks sleek and tangle free.

4. Tie your hair back as firmly as you can or want.

5. Spray your spooly with hair spray and use it to stabilize any flyaways and to add more sleekness to your hairline. This will also help keep your hair intact all day.

6. If you feel like your hair still looks a little oily, spray from afar some dry shampoo to balance things out (you can also spray dry shampoo before you tie your hair back).

If you find that tying your hair back doesn't suit you and you don't feel comfortable unless your hair is down, you can try that sleek look by letting your hair loose but bringing it behind your ear. Camila Coelho is a major inspiration for this sleek look! You can also try incorporating the silk scarf trend as an accessory to hide any messiness.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @camilacoelho