"It only looks good because they're celebrities". This is a line you probably tell yourself whenever you think of getting a pixie haircut. However, because they're celebrities, it's easier for them to have it figured out, what suits them and what doesn't. This is so achievable. Follow these steps to know how to rock a pixie haircut and overcome your fear of the scissors!

1. Decide what face shape you have.

2. Choose accordingly: 

- Square-shaped face: It's recommended to pick the pixie haircut that has a side part since this will reduce the magnification of how strong the jaw line is.

- Round face: This means your face needs a bit of elongation that will be achieved by letting one side taller than the other, coming down the side of your face.

- Heart-shaped face: Free and loose hairstyles fit best with this face shape so it's highly recommended that you consider a back do or a middle part for your hair.

- Oval face: This is the lucky shape, since almost each and every pixie style will fit it!

3. Pick celebrities that have similar face shape to you

Find which celebrity has your face shape with a pixie haircut, that will help you visualize how you would look with it!

Main Image Credits: Instagram @yosraellozyofficial