The wet hair look has become a runway and red carpet icon. It is loved for it's perfect balance of sexiness and chicness. For me, I'm curious about it because I want to know how to look chic and sexy when my hair isn't looking that good. Some days are bad hair days while others are oily hair days, and my hair gets oily and irritating really quickly, as in sometimes with second day hair.  

I love how the wet sleek hairstyle looks with outfits, jewelry and makeup and I became curious along with the suggestion of my team mate on how to get the wet hair look. My reference was celebrity hairstylists' tips on a lot of articles online. Hairstylists have created looks for celebs like Kim Kardashian, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Lilly Collin and a lot more, which became very popular. 

Different people have different approaches, so I tried to gather some information on the matter than can make sense to hair beginners like me and let's see where it takes us... Finger crossed I won't get the 'what's wrong with your hair' comment. Side note, if you do get this comment, with sass attempt to flip your unmovable gel-ed hair to the side and tell him "It's high fashion, you don't get it."

So here's how to create the wet hair look:

1. Should you wash your hair?

 Some suggest your hair a couple of days old hair is ideal. However, if you have an evening event and a hair wash is over due, don't hesitate to try it. Just make sure you do a test run a couple of days before.

2. Damp or wet?

Everyone stresses on how your hair should bee damp and not dripping wet! That way it can hold on to the products, which will help style and shape the hair. So with a spray bottle start dampening your hair. 

3. Brush out & texturize 

Brush the hair out to distribute the water. Also, if you want your hair to have some loose waves and texture you can use a liquid curl enhancer or a texturizing product.

4. The gel

Pick a high shine, non sticky gel. If you're worried about hair damage make sure to pick a gel that is heavily water based with no silicon and avoid harsh alcohols.

5. Applying the hair gel...

Apply a good amount but be careful not to add too much so that it doesn't end up clumping, losing volume or showing your scalp. Apply the gel from roots to the ends. Then, you can slightly scrunch the hair, but not a lot so you don't loose the product and the wetness.

6. Mix gel and cream?

Hairstylist Nunzio Saviano told Byrdie that mixing gel and a blow dry control cream is the perfect balance so it's neither crunchy nor oily. 

7. The brush...

The brush you use depends on the style you're going for, if you're into the slicked back look, a fine comb and finely bristled brush will help brush the hair out evenly and help you control the styling and how you want it to looks. 

8. Spread it out

To make sure the bottom of your hair also gets the wet look, brush the hair backward a couple of times to distribute the product. You can also use a polishing spray to give it shine. Some hairstylists don't recommend mousse though for this hairstyle.

9. Fly aways & baby hairs

Hair spray can help hold what you created in place and of course control the flyaways. You can apply wax on any baby hairs you want to slick back or hold in place.

10. Switch out the gel for pomade?

Celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess told Style Caster that she believes pomade is the way to go instead of gel. She recommended the Layrite Pomade, which was actually recommended by a lot of people. It is water-based, it holds the hair like wax would but is easy to wash out like age. She applies it with a tint brush over thin strands and brushes the hair backwards. So try out the gel and try pomade and pick the one you found works best for you. 

11. Movement

If you want to still have some natural movement in the bottom and back of your hair, you can try adding a small amount of serum.

Main Image Credits: Tom + Lorenzo - Hello! - New Idea