Oily hair struggles. They're hard, we know. If you have oily hair, it might be healthy but the maintenance is exhausting. It could take a lot of time, energy and bad hair days. We have a few tips on how you can maintain oily hair and prolong the good hair days

1. Dry Shampoo needs to be in your bag all the time. It will save you time until your next shower, and will give you the freshness you need

2. Only condition the ends of your hair. Some scalp types cannot handle the heaviness of conditioner of the front of the hair and will weigh it down. 

3. Try conditioning before shampooing method, it might work for you. This allows the shampoo to remove the excess oil left from the conditioner. So you'll give your hair moisture but not too much that it makes it oily quickly

4. Mix shampoo with salt. You can do this scrub once a week if you're suffering from too much oil, dandruff or irritation from compiled dirt and oil on your scalp. 

5. Get a Vinegar Rinse. This product is great for clarifying and volumizing. It could also help with dandruff and irritated scalps because it gives your hair a good final clean without stripping it. It actually also adds shine!

6. Don't wash your hair daily. Over-stripping your hair from its natural oils and moisture will make your scalp produce more oil to overcompensate, just like your face. Wash your body everyday but not your hair. 

7. Don't weigh down your hair. Pick your hair products carefully. If your have and oily heavy hair you can still use oils after a shower, but use it wisely, don't use too much so it doesn't grease up easily. Also, listen to your hair, you will start noticing what works well for it and what's too heavy for it. 

8. Stop touching it. It's simple but you like touching and playing with your hair a lot, this is one of the reasons it's getting greasy. Your hands, besides being dirty, they move oils in your scalp a lot and get them to show on your hair.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nataliacastellarcalvani