I thought I'd take a different look at London Fashion Week this season and pick out outfits that would be perfect for hijabis. A lot of the spring 2020 ready-to-wear collections at London Fashion Week fit perfectly the latest in hijab fashion. Hijab fashion has evolved this past few years into beautiful, chic and statement outfits that we're inspired by on a daily basis and I loved taking a look at the runway and picturing Hijabis wearing these stunning designs.

Burberry and Roland Mouret had a lot of modest-fitting looks and even 1 or 2 actual Hijabi looks. A lot of other brands featured many looks that can be easily styled for hijabis like, Victoria BeckhamErdem and Ports 1961

These days fashion is so adaptable and you can style anything if you just get inspired and pick the right pieces for you. What's great about these looks below is that you don't even have to think about how to make them work for your modest style

We really recommend flipping through all these looks from the runway, you will find yourself pairing together pieces from your wardrobe that you never thought would look good together. 

Key Trends at London Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear Spring 2020 for Hijabis:

1. Loose formal pants.

2. Oversized blazers on skirts.

3. High turtle necks and even worn under shirts.

4. Beautiful flow dresses.

5. Evening suits