Have You Tried The TikTok “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend Yet?
Mariam Youssef
1/17/23, 3:00 PM

If you’re an avid TikToker, you’ve probably heard about the “I’m Cold” or the “Cold Girl” makeup trend. This trend has started on TikTok by girls who want to create a makeup look that mimics how the skin looks in cold weather or snow. So, if you’re into trying new makeup trends, you should give this one a go before winter is over. That said, we’ll show you how to achieve the “I’m Cold” makeup.


I’m cold makeup trend☃️🧦❄️

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Hydrate Your Skin

Apply a lotion or moisturizer to freshly cleaned skin to seal in your glossy glow. The key to getting the best results is hydrated, fresh skin that is dewy. The base needs to be naturally polished to a high standard. Apply a solid foundation thereafter, or choose a tinted moisturizer and spot concealer instead.

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It’s All About That BASE

You can mimic that dry (but not too dry) winter skin by using a matte foundation. Use a mattifying foundation all over your face, paying extra attention to shine-prone spots like your forehead, cheeks, and nose bridge. A good choice is Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation.

Apply Powder

Apply powder next, but just on places that tend to shine too much, like the center of the forehead, around the nose, or the smile lines. You can use translucent or compact powder, but make sure not to apply any liquid product after applying your powder to avoid any cakiness. However, if you like to apply liquid blush, be sure to do it before applying your powder.

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Brush These Brows

You don’t need to apply brow products; however, using a brow wax will give your face a nice touch. If you don’t have brow wax, just dip your spoolie into a wet Glycerin soap and brush them up. You can also brush your brows up without using any products.

It’s Blush Time

This makeup trend depends entirely on this step; that’s why it is so important to apply it correctly. To make your face look cold naturally, swipe your blush in a "W'' motion across your face, going over the tops of your cheekbones, to the apples of your cheeks, and onto the bridge of your nose. Your skin should still be visible, as if your cheeks have recently had a snowy stroll. (You can also use lipstick as blush; however, do so sparingly.)

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Shine Bright with Highlight

The following step is highlighter. Make sure to highlight your nose, cheeks, and cupid's bow with a cool-toned product. After that, use very little eyeshadow, keeping it as natural-looking as possible. Use a silver metallic hue on your inner corners and a little bit on your lids. To finish off the look, feel free to use your favorite mascara or a little liner.

Glossy Lips Please!

Add a clear lip gloss that is as glossy as possible or one that is tinted to match the color of your natural lip. You can layer your lip products starting with a pink/rosy lip liner, a rosy lipstick, and finish off with your choice of gloss. You can even apply some to your bare lashes if you'd like to give them a dewy appearance.

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This trend is so cool, especially in The Middle East because we very rarely experience snow. So, giving yourself that frosty makeup look is like waking up to a snowy morning in Paris - or at least we like to think so! Anyway, give it a go and tell us how it turns out.

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