Should You Leave Work Just Because Your Boss Is Intolerable?
Mariam Youssef
2/1/23, 10:35 AM

Those of you who are watching Al-Thaman series know that Zein (Bassel Khaiat) is the representation of the bad boss who doesn't care much about his employees, treats them poorly, and doesn't appreciate their efforts. Although Sarah (Razane Jammal) had other reasons to quit, her boss's attitude was one of the main reasons why she couldn't bear working under him. Well, don't be like Sarah and quit your job that easily!

You probably hate going to work every day, knowing that you’ll see your boss whose attitude is driving you crazy and making you demotivated, frustrated, and unhappy. Whether they’re intrusive, picky, controlling, fail to support you, take credit for your work, or cave under pressure, there is a way to deal with your bad boss other than quitting. We know that you’re feeling blue and work doesn’t make you happy, but still, you cannot make a single person destroy your career or make you quit the job you love. Having said that, we’ll answer the question of whether or not you should leave your job when you have an intolerable boss and tell you what you should do to overcome this difficult situation in a positive way.

Well, the first and quickest answer to this question is NO! But we’ll try to explain why they’re behaving this way and what you can do to change it. 

Know that they might not know how horrible they are

A manager who doesn't give any instructions or feedback might not be aware that this makes them a terrible manager. Your employer could believe they are empowering the team. An overly directive and controlling manager may have feelings of insecurity and unease with their own position. This supervisor might not be aware that their guidance is hurtful to a capable, secure, and self-reliant employee.

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They may share different values than yours

It's possible that your values are not the same as your lousy boss. If you’re from a young generation and think that an employee needs only to work during business days and enjoy their life on weekends, your boss may not agree with that. Some bosses may think that working from home can affect work and interfere with creating a harmonious culture of teamwork.

Talk to your boss frankly

Tell your boss exactly what you need to help you succeed in terms of feedback, direction, and support. Be kind and mindful of your needs. Your manager must be informed of your particular requirements. It is unproductive and won't help you achieve your goals to complain to the boss about how horrible of a boss they are.

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Figure out what their needs are

Just because they’re your boss, doesn’t mean you cannot help them reach their goals. Find out from your manager how you could assist them in achieving their objectives. Make sure you pay attention to what they say and provide them with the help they need. For example, they may want to get promoted, and for that to happen, you need to get promoted. In that case, you need to work hand in hand to achieve your goals so you can see eye to eye with him.

Look for another mentor

Your boss may not be the source of inspiration for you or the right person to learn something from (Michael Scott much?). However, this doesn’t mean that you leave at this. Besides your present manager's full knowledge and cooperation, look for a mentor among other managers or more qualified peers to increase your opportunity for experience. This mentor doesn’t have to be another manager necessarily; it could be someone sitting in front of your desk with excessively beneficial information. Learn from them and let them guide you to become an improved version of yourself.

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Go to your manager’s manager!

If you've tried these things and they haven't helped, speak with your boss's superior and request help. Alternatively, you might practice with and get advice from your human resources team beforehand. Prior to escalating higher up the chain of command, be sure you have resolved any difficulties with your existing supervisor, who may never forgive you if you skip a level.

Let your complaint take its time

You might never find out what your lousy manager's boss or the HR team did to address their behavior. It's a private matter. However, give the procedures enough time to have the desired effect. The HR team may have deducted their salary or given them a written warning; you’ll never know. But what you should do is wait and see if their actions and behavior towards you have changed.

No change? Gather your coworkers

If nothing changes, in spite of your best efforts to make things work, maybe because the upper management doesn’t believe you, gather coworkers who have also experienced the same behavior. Go to your boss’s manager to help them see the size and impact of the problem behavior. Let your coworkers speak up and inform the higher management of everything happening.

Still nothing? Ask to be transferred

Ask to be transferred to a different department or report to a different manager if you believe that your boss's unwillingness or incapacity to change is the issue. This advice is based upon the assumption that you enjoy your job and the workplace and don't think leaving or looking for another job is the best course of action.

Look for a new job…

ONLY when a transfer or promotion is not possible, start your job hunt. You can always pursue your career and look for another opportunity elsewhere. You might wish to keep your job hunt a secret, even though it might be time for you to go given the current situation.

Never let your manager be the reason to leave the job you love. You have to do everything you can to fight for your dreams. Horrible bosses are everywhere, but it’s up to you to give up your job at the first inconvenience or fight for it and do what it takes to stay and make things right.

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