Summer 2023 Fashion Color Trends You Should Know!

Mariam Youssef
4/12/23, 1:20 PM

Like the most recent fashion trends, the next fashion color trends for 2023 are influenced by the runway shows that take place six months before the season's beginning. And while color trends are heavily influenced by the runways, there is also a practice known as color forecasting that attempts to foretell the hues that consumers will choose to wear in the near future. To forecast fashion color patterns, trend forecasters consider a wide range of factors, including travel, the arts, science, technology, fashion, and entertainment. That said, let’s get right into the trendiest summer 2023 fashion colors that will make your outfits extra chic and unique.

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Viva Magenta

The deep, pinkish-red shade Viva Magenta is Pantone's selection for the year 2023. Picture a light berry color. This Pantone-designated color is "powerful and empowering," so don't pass it up. It is a lovely color to surround yourself with when you feel a little off. It is the color of creativity, kindness, and independence.

This color, which Pantone calls "audacious," is not for those who are reserved and shy, but separate pieces can help it feel less overbearing. When paired with a neutral color like white or navy blue, it becomes much more inviting. Strong color is without a doubt a fantastic shade for edgy evening attire. The year 2023 will see the emergence of pretty tulle and ruffles, and this color is ideal for a frothy ball gown or a dramatic tiered skirt. Although people with warmer skin tones can still wear Viva Magenta, it looks best on people with cooler skin tones.

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Olive Green

Olive green has had a makeover for 2023, and it is a pretty glamorous one. Olive green is a shade that is more frequently linked with casual apparel, like this season's trendiest cargo pants. The color was used by Victoria Beckham and Alberta Ferretti to design some of the best dresses for 2023, which were classy and fashionable.

Making a fashion statement with an olive green slip dress is simple. Either layer a basic tee underneath or pair it with an oversized blazer. An olive-green trench coat or blazer can quickly give your outfit a polished touch because it goes nicely with so many other colors, including black, blush pink, and navy. Olive green can be worn by anyone on the bottom half, although it looks best on skin tones with warmer undertones close to the face. For a genuinely timeless style, nothing beats a pair of cargo pants in this shade.

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Fiery Red

Fiery Red is making a reappearance for statement clothing in sexy silhouettes, and we're pointing you in the direction of the seductive red displays at Carolina Herrera and Schiaparelli. If drawing attention is a top priority for your summer clothing, stock up on juicy ruby red.

Pale Pink

Pink is delicate and feminine and has definitely returned for a good cause. This post-pandemic world desperately needs more love, nurturing, and self-care, and this color is associated with all three of those things. If you don't want to go all out with the pink, then choose a delicate pink floral or pink gingham, as seen on Acne Studios' runway. Moreover, one of the wedding dress trends for 2023 is feathers, but even if you're not getting married, you may still rock the style. A basic dress will have a vintage feel that appears oh-so-modern with a lovely pink feather embellishment.

Tranquil Blue

In terms of fashion color trends for 2023, blue will experience a revival. Forget royal or bright blue; however, these blues range from pastel tones to azure and turquoise, all of which offer a serene, regal vibe to clothing. There is a blue out there for everyone, but because we love denim so much, pale blue is one of the simplest colors to wear.

A terrific approach to dangle your toe in the (watery blue) water is with a pair of colorful shoes, which are undoubtedly one of the major shoe trends for 2023. With a contrasting pink outfit, a turquoise platform shoe or strappy sandal will look fantastic. Choose a blue floral print, which makes the best midi dresses, if you want something a little more romantic.

Violet Haze

Shoppers who prefer a relaxing yet feminine impression will favor the new muted pastels over other intensely saturated hues. Watch out for "sensuous pale lavender," which can be found at Victoria Beckham and Brandon Maxwell. And although summer hasn't quite arrived, you've probably already noticed an increase in the muted shade. This season's runways featured a surprising number of lilac and violet hues, and they are quite stylish.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow yellow is another pastel color that experts advise you to pay attention to. The buttery shade is associated with spring and summer and can be found in seasonal collections from Bally and Tory Burch (just think of the tulips and daffodils that start to bloom towards the end of March). Bonus: A bright yellow garment can act as sartorial sunshine on gloomy and rainy spring days, providing mood-lifting effects and a bold splash of color.

Earthy Orange

Orange can be subdued when coupled with neutrals like cream, camel, bronze, or gray. Orange is best suited to warm skin tones. If you're feeling bold, pairing it with navy blue or jewel purple can be (very) striking. You can also clash it by pairing it with colors that are analogous to it on the color wheel, like yellow, pink, and red.

This earthy color looks great with organic textiles like linen or with crochet for a luxurious boho look. Earthy orange is also a great option for a co-ord or a figure-flattering jumpsuit because it's really eye-catching and less explicit than the bright neon colors that are also fashionable this year.

Jet Black

In their Spring/Summer 2023 presentations, designers from all four main cities adopted a vibrant and nuanced perspective on color. This philosophy even extended to how they used black, fashion's all-time favorite color. Despite the fact that black occasionally causes a little bit of controversy in the fashion world (is it boring? too austere? morbid and funeral-ready? ), black can be made dynamic and even entertaining when it is thoughtfully created with a little touch of sex appeal or vintage flair.


It's time to welcome "creige," a blend of cream and beige, as a new neutral for the upcoming year's fashion color trends. This color has an upscale air and looks especially stunning when mixed with other light neutrals like cream, ivory, and white to create a chic tonal effect.

 It truly is the chameleon of tones since its characteristics adopt the hues it is exposed to, making it the ideal neutral base for any outfit.



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