On Mother’s Day: Yasmine Marakby Tells Us More About The Life of a Blogging Mom

Mariam Youssef
3/20/23, 3:22 PM

Moms are super, wonderful creatures. What they do, what they go through, and what they face to raise their children the best way possible makes them super women. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working from home, or having a 9-5 full-time job, we’re confident that you’re doing everything you can to invest in your children and make them amazing human beings. That said, those of us who follow fashion or lifestyle mom bloggers on social media may not know the struggles that they face to create great content while being great moms too. The equation is difficult for sure. So, on Mother’s Day, the beautiful blogger, Yasmine Marakby, talked to us about her life as a mom blogger and the struggles she faces to become successful.

Tell us more about you? What do you do besides blogging and how many kids do you have?

I’m a mom, banker, blogger, and hijab model. I also own a brand called By Yasmine Marakby. It is a ready-to-wear hijab outfit brand that I started in 2017 and it went viral but I stopped working on it since I was pregnant and I'm still postponing it till I have the right amount of time and energy to get it back. I only have one daughter, Laila

What are the challenges that you face as a blogger with kids?

Balancing, privacy and authenticity is definitely a challenge. As a blogging mom, I have to figure out the fine line between keeping my life private and being authentic online. Another challenge is keeping up with social media changes. Just when I finally feel like I’m in the groove, what I was doing stops working. Social media seriously changes all the time. And when you can barely find time to market your blog in the first place, it’s hard to take time to research the changes and actually figure out what they mean.

How do you manage to take photos, edit, and manage your content while being busy?

Time management is the key!

Does your blog obligate you to spend more time away from your kid?

No! My daughter comes first even if it affects my blog.

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How do you find a balance between blogging and being a mom?

It doesn’t matter if I have one child or three. It also doesn’t matter if I am a stay-at-home mom or a mom with a full-time job. The complexity of motherhood is different for every mom out there but good time management is what it takes to be a mom and a blogger at the same time. Balancing these two roles allows me to enjoy the rewards and the sense of accomplishment that comes from succeeding in them both!

Tell us 3 things you love and 3 things you dislike about blogging.

For me, blogging is a great way to connect with people, spread good vibes, and be a part of influencing people to be or to do good things.

1-The disadvantage of blogging is being under pressure all the time of being judged; getting a bad comment can really hurt while it may seem so easy.

2- It’s a lot more difficult than it looks. You can invest so much time and effort and get nothing in return.

3- The third drawback is copycats! It's super annoying when you put your mind and effort into something and someone copies it and even claims it’s theirs!

Can a mom become a blogger while having a full-time job?

A mom can do anything!

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Since there are several mom bloggers on social media, do you compare yourself to them? What do you do to avoid this mistake?

I don’t compare myself with anyone. I never do this. It's me vs me! Always. Comparing myself to others will not only slow me down, but it will also affect the authenticity of my blog and make me look like a copycat, which is something I never want to be.

How do you decide if something is shareable or too private to share?

It’s really contextual. It depends on what I perceive as private or shareable. Sometimes, people may perceive something as private but I don’t see it that way. Other times, I may perceive something too private to share while others may not agree. So, I have my own mindset that decides whether something is private or shareable.

Has blogging made you addicted to your phone? And what has changed in your personality and lifestyle since you started blogging?

I've been addicted to my phone since high school, so it's a blogging issue. I don’t think my personality and lifestyle have been affected by blogging. I think as we grow up, we can control everything with our own perspectives. As long as I am prioritizing my family, being addicted to my phones doesn't really affect my life.

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How do you deal with negative comments on social media?

I hardly reply to them. But I can’t lie, they make me a bit sad.

Finally, what’s your advice to moms who want to start blogging?

Stay patient and do it with love.

Unfortunately, when people think about bloggers, they don’t understand the struggle, challenges, and effort they put into their blogs to be successful. A blogging mom exerts a lot of effort because she needs to find a balance between her life and blog and make them both successful. On Mother’s Day, we salute, cherish, and appreciate all moms out there. Thank you for being a wonderful mother. You’re doing a great job; we’ll always support you and have your back. Happy Mother's Day!


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