Keep The Kids Entertained at Your Wedding With YAAY Wedds Booklets
Mariam Youssef
2/5/23, 3:30 PM

We think you’d all agree that kids are the most frightening thing at weddings, especially for the bride and groom. Although they look adorable in their little white tulle dresses and cute tuxedos, they never fail to disturb, disrupt, and annoy everyone with their excessive hyper activities. Moreover, no matter how hard parents try to keep their little ones quiet, they fail miserably. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case with YAAY. YAAY Wedds is a children-wedding activity service that creates customized bride-and-groom booklets for the little ones to stay entertained and occupied and allow the adults to enjoy their time during weddings. We spoke to YAAY Wedds and asked them all the questions you may want to know the answers to, so keep reading to know more about them and their services.

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What inspired this idea?

“It all started at a dear friend’s wedding when we were given a custom-made interactive booklet full of activities to entertain the kids and keep them occupied.” They then thought about the need for such an idea in every Egyptian wedding! That’s when they started YAAY as the first brand providing customized activities for kids at weddings. 

We'd love to know more about the owner and their educational background.

YAAY was founded by two friends, Bila & Mai. 

Mai, the co-founder and graphic designer at YAAY was a pharmacist who shifted her career after earning a graphic design specialization from the California Institute of the Arts to follow her passion and unleash her creativity.

Bila, the co-founder and marketing specialist at YAAY earned a journalism specialization from the Michigan State School of Journalism as well as other Marketing Certificates.

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Tell us more about your projects and how you customize them.

YAAY’s customization journey starts by getting to know the bride and groom closely, more like becoming their friends! A meet-and-greet with them makes all the magic happen.

So if you’re a bride, expect that they’ll ask them about the smallest details and your favorite part of their life together so they can come up with a theme that genuinely represents your and your future husband. They offer a form where you can write everything you dream of in your wedding, be it florals, vintage, dreamy, cartoon-ice theme, or retro; you name it! 

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What ages are these activities for? And do you have different things for toddlers and older children?

Since YAAY customizes not only the cover of the booklet but the activities too, they ask first about the ages of the little guests to tailor suitable activities. They start with the ages that can hold a crayon, 3-year-old toddlers, and older kids, ending with 26+ year-olds that ask for a booklet to take home. Some brides request the customized booklet as a giveaway rather than an in-haul activity. 

YAAY also creates custom-made children’s group activities for more engaging vibes, like game boards, card games, bingo, and other interactive ideas.

Tell us how your children's booklets make a difference at weddings.

“A miraculous difference,” “life savers,” and “will recommend you in every wedding” are among some of the comments that YAAY received.

Not only are their brides happy, but also wedding planners, photographers, bridesmaids, and, undoubtedly, mothers are all extremely satisfied! 

“We’ll never forget some of the amazing kids who were fortunate to have fun with YAAY at weddings. A lovely boy with ADHD finished 12 activities without moving from his place, to an extent that his mother was impressed! Another super hyper kid requested a second copy of the booklet to start enjoying it all over again even though he didn’t sit down for a moment before distributing it.”

Brides thanked them as they were able to enjoy cake cutting and taking photos with their friends without being disrupted by the little ones.

What are the most creative or interesting projects you've worked on?

Truly, every single booklet was a special one! Creating a totally new theme, with different interests & ideas is such a fun challenge. 

But to be more specific, the 90s theme was the most magnificent among of all!

Do you offer wedding planning services or do you work hand in hand with the couple’s planner?

YAAY Wedds concentrate on creating printed customized designs while working with either the bride herself or her wedding planner.

How long do your booklets keep the children busy? Do they remain occupied for the duration of the event?

This depends entirely on the requested pages. For example, a 6-page activity booklet isn’t like a 12-page one. On average, it takes the kids an hour or more to finish. But the best thing is that they ask for more! 

While the activity booklets may not last the whole duration of the wedding, they serve their purpose at the most important times. YAAY always recommends distributing the booklets at times of taking photos, cake cutting, and any moment that needs to be kids-free.

YAAY’s booklet impact remains after the wedding too as a giveaway that’ll grow with the kids and adults as a special memory from their loved one’s big day!

Do you have to know the exact number of children or do you make extra copies?

“It all depends on the needs of the bride; we create and offer what the bride and groom request. We print 15 copies as a start, but for sure we can print more.”

What are your future plans for YAAY and what services do you plan to provide?

YAAY will start creating customized wedding games for adults to enjoy on that special day too. 

They’re currently working on leading a huge wedding prep discount program that will be available in less than a month! This program will provide a discount percentage with more than 20 wedding prep services and suppliers, such as catering, photography, wedding planning, veil designers, and more. That will have a huge cost-cutting impact for all YAAY brides to see their dream big day come true.

Finally, what tips do you want to share with future brides?

“Create something that you’ll love seeing your kids enjoy! It’s not a one-time use for the noisy little guests. Try new fun activities not only for kids but for you, your partner, family, and friends. We offer our congratulations to all the beautiful brides out there and remind them that YAAY is here to the rescue! Wink-wink.”

If you’re not okay with the idea of asking your guests not to bring their kids to the wedding, consider contacting YAAY Wedds as their activity booklets will keep the little ones entertained and occupied and will customize your dreams in a booklet that will remain an amazing memory from your big day.

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