A Closer Look at Beam: An Intimate-Product Brand Created by Women for Women
Mariam Youssef
9/18/22, 6:00 PM

Women still have a very long way to go to receive all their rights and be equally treated in a patriarchal society. However, every day, new voices, pages, and brands come out to support, help, educate, and embrace women. Today, we’ll talk about Beam: a brand created by women for women to solve and address their needs. We’ve asked Beam a few questions about their brand, products, and purpose and they gave us the most enlightening and informative answers that you’ll love to know, so keep reading.

1. We already know that Motherbeing is an educational platform about sexual activities, relationships, and women's bodies, but what inspired the idea of Beam?

With a community of over 2.4M women who have shared stories, journeys, pains, and struggles, we do know their pains and needs. Because we leave no woman unheard, we launched Beam. Beam was born of our belief that women are deserving of consumer products that truly cater to their needs and deliver a real life-changing impact. Beam was created by women for women,  specifically with women’s needs in mind. Our products are created to make women feel good in their own skin. We create products that we believe will genuinely upgrade women’s health and wellness journeys.

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2. What is the story behind the brand's name?

The simple definition of the word beam is a ray of light. The inspiration evolved from the image of a ray of light and its resonance with a woman’s natural beaming beauty.

3. What exactly are Beam's products and what are they aimed for?

Beam sells women’s health and wellness products that serve women at different life stages, from menstruation to menopause, with quality and care in mind. Beam is set out on a mission to finally serve the woman whose needs have long been ignored and overlooked. At Beam, we always keep in mind a woman’s body and a woman’s soul. Our mantra is “good for your body, good for your soul” and we make sure to always create products that do just that!

4. What is the biggest misconception that you want to change through Beam?

There is not one single misconception we hope to correct. However, we dream of a world where women’s needs are no longer swept under the rug but highlighted, emphasized, and brought to the forefront. Beam was born out of Motherbeing and together we are on a mission to eradicate all the myths and misconceptions surrounding women’s health and revolutionize this space in the region.

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5. Many women can be hesitant to apply products in their intimate areas, so how safe are Beam's products?

We manufacture all our products in facilities compliant with local and global health standards. We work with a professional top-tier R&D team and our in-house researchers to formulate products with women's needs and health as a top priority. Our partner manufacturing facility is GMP-compliant and ISO-certified. Quality and care are two things we never compromise. 

6. What are the challenges that you faced when creating products for women in a market that already provides similar products for men?

Creating products that finally cater for and speak to women posed many challenges in a market that is so male-driven. But that didn’t stop us! In fact, it inspired us and gave us even more impetus. We completely stepped out of mainstream and commercial standards and put women at the forefront of the product development process. Our products are tested again and again on real women and constantly tweaked based on women’s feedback to truly deliver on their promise. We’ve listened to women’s pleas for more discreet intimate products and unlike existing products in the market that target men and scream intimacy and sexuality, we've developed packaging for women that is subtle and discreet. Launching intimate products is tricky and requires very well-thought-out communication. We always make sure we speak directly to women, keeping in consideration her pains, struggles, and needs.

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7. How do lubricants make sexual intercourse more enjoyable?

Lubricant is a game-changer for married couples and ours is nothing less than that! Our customers are already raving about Glide and it's only been a few weeks since we launched. Lube can be life-changing for women because it solves one of the biggest issues women face during intercourse: discomfort and dryness. First of all, lube reduces friction which means there is less risk of pain and injury and in turn higher chances of comfort and pleasure. Lube also makes sex safer because the reduction in friction makes it less likely for condoms to break.

8. What are the future products that Beam is going to provide?

Beam will become the Arab woman’s go-to at every life stage, all the way from menstruation to menopause as we like to call it “your body companion.” We envision a world where women have easy and convenient access to health and wellness products that genuinely deliver on their promise and upgrade a woman’s quality of life. We’re not only selling consumer products. We are building something much bigger; we’re building a space where Arab women finally feel seen, heard, and cared for. Stay tuned for more product reveals coming your way VERY soon!

9. Will Beam become a brand for both men and women in the future?

Yes, definitely. Men and women are two halves of the problem and if we only address women, then we’re not truly solving the entire problem. Men, we’ve got you. Stay tuned!

10. A message to all the women reading this.

You deserve to use products that truly serve your needs. Beam is obsessed with focusing on our customers and their unique problems and then developing products that solve them. While using Beam, we want you to feel confident that the women behind our brand have spent months researching and asking women like you what your pains and needs are.

We hope you feel as beautiful as we see you. And we hope that Beam helps you feel more comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your skin. 

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