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The Breast Cancer Symptoms You Could Have Missed and Should Get Checked

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10/7/19, 12:00 AM

Yes, you should go get checked for breast cancer as often as you can. Doctors actually stress that what is more important than breast cancer self-exams, is that you should go to a doctor if you see any kind of change at all, regardless of what it is or if it makes the list of breast cancer symptoms below. That should be your priority above anything else. Ideally, you should get checked every 6 months, but the least is once a year. Of course if you have a history in the family, then every 6 months is the absolute minimum.

Technology has gotten better at detecting early breast cancer signs and lumps, you might not even get to experience or see the symptoms below. The most common breast cancer symptom is a lump, however, our focus today is highlighting all the symptoms out there that are actually more common among breast cancer cases than lumps.

Late Stages of Breast Cancer Symptoms

In later stages of breast cancer and stage 4 cases, symptoms appear that are not related to the breasts. Those symptoms include; loss of weight and appetite, fatigue and insomnia.

Normal Breast Lumps Vs Breast Cancer Lumps

The most famous symptom is a lump in the breast or your underarm. When you're familiar with how your breasts feel it could help you point out if something feels wrong.

Many women have natural lumps in their breasts. When the lumpiness is all around the breast and is the same as your other breast, then it is hopefully and most probably your natural breast lumps. However, if you feel any change at all or a certain unfamiliar thickening in one area or an appearance of a lump that is new and feels different, go see your doctor.

The Nipple

Nipple Inversion

You should get to know your nipple and be very familiar with how it normally looks.  If you notice anything about your nipple that looks different, head to your doctor. These changes can be, a change in the nipple's pointing direction or it's looking inverted inwards into your boob.

Nipple Discharge

You should look out for any discharge that isn’t milk or that is discharged without squeezing it out. That discharge can also be bloodstained.

Other Nipple Breast Cancer Symptoms

Also, often people forget about important symptoms like the crusting of the nipple and any kind of rashes or redness around the nipple area.

The Entire Upper Breast Area

Don't forget to also check for any swelling in any part of the breast area at all. That includes the upper chest area, your armpit area and even your collar bone or décolletage.

The Breast Pain

Pain in the breast or the nipple. Of course for women, our PMS and period sometimes come with breast pain. However, you should stay alert for any form of pain in the breast or nipple area that does not go away and is with you constantly.

Unusual Change in Skin, Shape, Size...

Again, knowing your breasts will help you notice any changes that might be a cause for visiting your doctor. Keep an eye out for any skin changes in the breast or the nipple area of that nature: puckering, peeling, flaking, redness, scaling or dimpling. Skin dimpling is accompanied by redness and swelling and it will look thickened and almost of a similar look to an orange peel.

You should take care and try to notice any changes in the size, shape and look of your breasts. Especially, if it's sudden and unfamiliar.

In any case, these symptoms are only to help us identify things more easily if we feel something different and you should get familiar with your breasts and how they feel so that you can point out any unfamiliar signs that come up. However, you should not rely on the above solely at all. Regular check ups are essential and try to remind those around you to do the same, women and men!

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