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Why Divorced Moms Are Real Life Superheroes

Mai Atef
11/14/22, 10:17 AM

Divorced mothers face many difficulties in their lives, not only because they hold a lot of responsibilities, but also because society still judges them, and many have very toxic opinions about them, which can be extremely difficult to deal with. There are so many divorced moms around us, from friends to family, and they don't deserve to be seen and treated as any less than others. They need to be appreciated and supported for their hard work and the difficulties they face. That said, we’ll show you why divorced moms are real life superheroes.

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1. Custody problems

Custody is a massive problem that many divorced mothers struggle with, especially if the children are young. Many men believe that it is in their power to unjustly take that right from women and demand custody of children, taking them or leaving them to their grandmother. Divorced mothers also find it difficult to open bank accounts for their children, and even during their education, they struggle to handle their matters themselves because of the school’s system of wanting a father figure present. All of these things are problematic just because she's divorced and can’t be taken seriously by the patriarchal society.

2. Living alone

Society also likes to have a say in how a divorced mother should lead her lifestyle. Living alone? Oh, what a shame! Until this very day, many divorced mothers are judged and talked about because they live alone with their children. It is 2022 and people still think that a woman living alone is “inappropriate.” Yet, she’s still able to stand strong and shut anyone who tries to belittle her down.

3. Multitasking

We think it's fair to say that single moms are superhumans. They have the ability to work on a daily basis, succeed in their field of work, pay for their children's education, and sometimes, even hold full responsibility for all their expenses. All of this alongside raising their children, spoiling them, helping them study, taking them to after-school sport activities, and trying to maintain a balanced social life. Sounds impossible? People still like to point out that she could do better! Better? Really? Furthermore, there is the dark side of social media, where moms feel guilty because they're constantly exposed and forced to display the image of “a perfect mom,” which we all know doesn't exist. However, we still like to say that we know you’re doing your best and you are a hero!

4. Try to maintain a good relationship between the children and father

One of the biggest problems moms face after divorce is trying to maintain a healthy relationship with the father. It can be really difficult, but they often try as hard as they can so the children can have a good relationship with their father. This is hard for several reasons. Of course, the more obvious one is that she may not want anything to do with the father; she divorced him for a reason! Then there's the fact that many women are blamed for the divorce. Yes, they are told that it is their fault and that they should've worked harder on the marriage, especially for the children, which is very sad and disappointing. This is unfair because many moms choose divorce because they believe it is the right thing to do, not only for them, but also for the children!

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5. Putting on a brave face 

A woman is known for her unbelievable strength. Even if she feels pain, she can hide it, or power through it for the sake of her responsibilities and children. The truth is that she's not just putting on a brave face, she is that brave face. She's actually extremely strong, despite the pain and overwhelming emotions. This very pain and emotions she’s bearing are what make her incredibly strong. They’re fuel for her to heal and keep going. However, these moms still need a hug, a day off, time to process, and should never be pressured to get their life together overnight. 

6. Getting married again

A divorced mother faces so much criticism and judgments if she wants to get into a new relationship or get married again. Although it is completely her right, sometimes, even her ex will stand in her way and use that as a reason to take custody of the children. And if she decides to stay single, people still judge her for living alone, with comments like “she needs to have a man to protect her and take care of her,” which is honestly ridiculous!

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7. Endless love and support for her children

A mother by nature has the strength to provide endless love, support, and strength to her children, and this power, sometimes, even multiplies when she's single. She depends on herself to be their backbone and rock, so she gives them everything she can from love to support to money and everything in between.

8. Dealing with the phenomena “women are the reason for separation”

Marriage is a partnership between two people, and it is normal for things to not work out. However, it is not normal for the woman to always be blamed for the failure of the relationship. For example, even if he cheated, she is told that she should have forgiven him for the sake of their family. A woman has the right to choose to leave or stay in the relationship and she does not need to justify or explain her choices.

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Society and people will not stop criticizing women. And they think that taking away her rights will be easy and will force her to give up. But women are a lot stronger than they think. History, time, and women have proved that on several occasions.

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