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| by Jasmine Kamal

How to Manage Your Money and Save After 40

As you know each stage in our life has its own requirements, and based on it, your expenses can increase, decrease, or just differ. Today, we're talking about how to save money in your 40s and after your 40s. Grab your notes, read and start organizing!

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How save in your 40s and manage your money:

Note: Try to organize and calculate your expenses well before retirement so you can have back up money, live comfortably with stability and give yourself space to spoil and enjoy yourself as well. 

1. Pay your debts

Borrowing money, paying installments and taking loans from banks are not uncommon. At this stage in your life, try to start organizing what's left of your loans and debts to your can pay back as much as you can. That way you lift that weight off your shoulders and start enjoying your savings, especially before retiring. 

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2. Invest in the best 

When it comes to cosmetics, clothes or any of your needs and preferences, try to avoid buying things that might not be of the best quality and invest in the best. That way you're saving paying money on things that you won't use or won't help you and instead enjoy things that are great for you and worth the money. 

3. Take a closer look at your monthly expenses and bills

We all have monthly needs and expenses, some of which are basic, some of which are more of an added luxury, and some of which we pay for but never use. So bring a pen and paper, write down your monthly expenses and reconsider or reorganize them. Let go of the extra add ons that yo don't use and add that money to your savings account. 

4. Invest in your home

At a younger age we sometimes feel the need to buy a big house for us and our future family. But some people in their 40s and above, start feeling like they want something smaller and cozier, especially if they had children and they've now moved out. You could then sell your home and buy something a little smaller and add the rest of the money to your savings. 

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5. Your health comes first

It is crucial that at this age you start taking care of your health more, if you haven't been already. Regular checkups and investing in your health is important. It is better to do regular checkups than to ignore any signs, pain and pay so much money on meds and doctor's appointment. Regular checkups will help you catch things before they become problematic and therefore make the process easier. Make sure you have savings on the side for your health. 

6. Learn to do a lot of things yourself

In our 20s and 30s most of us are running around the place too busy between work, errands, responsibilities, and maybe even children. So, often the easiest thing to do is order take out or get someone to fix something around the house. If now you have more time on your hands, you can start to slowly incorporate doing these things yourself. One by one you'll find that you're saving a lot of money. 

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7. Set aside some of your money for your enjoyment

Yes. Saving money doesn't mean you have to cut out any enjoyment or luxury. Put aside some money for doing or buying the things you love. This money is to help you spoil yourself a little.

8. Look for another source of income besides your work

We all get used to our jobs and we think that they last forever but that's not true. But our jobs don't last forever for whatever reason. In any case, it would be nice if you were to find another source of income. Find something that is related to your passion or hobby and creatively use it to make a little side money in addition to your main business.

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9. The 'Sale' appeal

There are studies conducted that stores offer discounts and sales in a targeted manner to consumers can be drawn in by the prices and rush in quickly to shop as much as possible. So make sure when you're shopping, you concentrate and try to minimize buying the things that you don't need as much as possible.

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