If you are staying at home because of social distancing or quarantine, you can take advantage of this situation in so many ways and above all is saving money. And this would be for realizing some of your goals as buying a new car or traveling abroad. The majority of us just waste most of our salaries without looking at the future or saving a decent amount of money. And that's what drove me today to contribute with 10 tips that can help you in saving money easily, let's find them out together…

1. Paying Debts

Before starting to save money, you must first pay any debts you might be asked to pay, Because what's the use of your savings in case you wanted to buy something but you're obliged to repay debts. Also, you have to focus on not borrowing in the period that you're saving money to fully benefit from what you're doing.

2. Set Your Goals Straight

You have to determine the goal that you're saving money for, whether it's being a new car or traveling abroad, not only this but you also have to determine the exact amount you are willing to save, the you have to choose the exact amount you want to put aside from your monthly salary, for example 25 or 30 percent to guarantee that you reach the desired amount, but be aware that this amount is determined based on your spendings and your salary itself.

3. Habits You've Got to Quit

There are certain habits that if you quit, it will help you in saving money way faster. For starters, avoid buying a bunch of clothes and makeup and ordering take outs for the whole staying at home. I know that one of the things that so hard for us girls to do, but this will save you a big amount of money in the shortest time possible.

4. Mobile App for Saving

If you always face this confusion mid month when you run out of money, and keep wondering where have you spend it? I advise you to download a mobile saving app that will help you compute your daily spendings during the month, it's going to make it easier to organize and manage your money without the need to ask someone for help.

5. Stick to a Shopping List When You Go Shopping

Before going to the supermarket, I recommend that you create a list with all of your needed items from groceries or cleaning supplies. You have to stick to the list and the list only to avoid buying any excessive items that you might not be in need of. And also you can save even more by buying all the fresh food and groceries online.

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6. Spend a Good Time at Home

One of the great steps that can save you a huge amount of money is enjoying your time at home instead of going out, especially in these quarantine days where you're not able to go out. But later on, it would be good to chill time at home with your friends, and give up hanging out at coffee shops, malls or restaurants, as you can enjoy all of these activities at home with your squad without the need to spend any money.

7. Invest in Good Quality

You're always going to need to buy clothes and makeup, accordingly I advise you to switch from high end brands to brands with high quality. And invest your money in, this will also guarantee that you don't buy the same thing again later and waste your money.

8. Reduce Your Beauty Salon Visits

One of the things that will decrease the amount of visits you pay to the salon is taking good care of your skin, nails and body. During these days as we know, going to the salon is no longer an option, and some people turn to inviting beauty workers into their own homes, which is highly expensive and unhealthy. Therefore, instead of doing so, you can try doing all the salon stuff for yourself at home, and you can also. Turn to us for helpful articles, as ways to cut and brush your hair and how to easily do  your mani-padi at home.

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9. Cancel All Subscriptions and Memberships

Since you never go out except in rare occasions, you can cancel your gym membership and start working out at home, by using exercise app that can fulfill all of your needs, from slimming your arms and thighs to belly and, or whatever you desire.

10. Reduce Your Consumption of Home Appliances

You have to carefully decrease your consumption of electrical devices at home, also try not switching on any needed lightning around the house, only the ones in your bedroom, to avoid getting high electricity bills.

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