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I talked about the quarantine before and how it had a positive impact on each of us at Fustany, but this was during the first few days of self-isolation. Now, after around 3 whole weeks have passed, I can say there are a lot more things I have to say about this. The quarantine has actually made me think about a lot of things in my life, which has led to start changing a lot about my personality and how I deal with issues in my life... 

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Escape is not the answer

I am a person who doesn't always like confrontation, I actually prefer to run away from it when there's a problem, whether it's emotional or social, family related, or even related to my health. I think it's because I tend to avoid any pain or hurt that might come with confrontation. I have taken refuge many times, avoiding conversations and communications that were really needed to happen. During the quarantine I had a lot of time to think about this, looking at how I've been handling my relationships and it's made me rethink my approach.

I also started dedicating time to my physical and mental health, because after reflecting for a long time, I realized that there would come a day when I would wish I'd taken care of myself more. So, running away from that was just a temporary relief, and so I wanted to be better and committed, like making sure I'm taking all medications on time and being catious with my health. This also made me excited to start exercising at home. I think if you want to change something about your life, the only thing you can do is actually start taking steps towards changing it. 

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How I changed the way I deal with those around me...

I  opened up these past few weeks, wanting to talk to anyone I've been avoiding in the past because of a problem or issue that I didn't want to confront, whether with my family or friends. I had  a lot of questions going through my head..."Why do I always avoid confrontation? Was I afraid of losing the people I love?" Although I am yet to find a perfectly clear answer to these questions, I am more capable now of being able to face problems in a more calm and patient manner, which is essential when it comes to communicating with others.

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Nothing's wrong with admitting you were mistaken. We're are all human beings and no person is without their errors. As they say "recognition of what's right is a virtue". I'm now more aware and connected to who I am, which has given me the strength to face the things I always avoid or fear.  Anything can be resolved with communication and reasoning.

Today, I am actually grateful for the quarantine. It has really helped me a lot in growing and developing my way of thinking. Especially since I really didn't have this much time before and so I just instinctively constantly escaped from most of my problems. But, I'm glad that I now know how important it was for me to break this habit. 

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