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How to Avoid Fighting With Your Parents If You're Stuck at Home

Mai Atef
3/23/20, 12:00 AM

Are you spending more time with your family and parents at home because of the quarantine and self isolation? When we're not used to spending this much time with our parents, things start to tension up and you could find yourself constantly arguing with your parents. Fighting with parents as adults is annoying and can just ruin the day for both of you. So we're going to be presenting a few tips on how to stop fighting with your parents if you're stuck at home. There are some activities and things to do that can make the energy and mood better at home and help prevent any arguments.

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Tips for how to stop fighting with your parents at home:

1. Avoid getting into those discussions that you know always lead to a big fight, that is difficult to control, especially if you're not in the best mood.

2. Try to control your nerves, as much as possible, and try not to direct too much criticism their way. They're your parents at the end of the day, just try to pamper them and be kind. Breathe in deeply, take a minute alone to calm down and stay balanced before you respond or act.

3. When it comes to an issue for argument, try to put yourself in their place. Usually it makes it easier to see their point and realize that they only want what's best for you.

4. Apologizing is a very important step and whatever kind of problems you're facing, it is always better to apologize and gently explain to them your point, but try not to go to bed on bad terms.

Activities you can do with your parents to avoid fighting

If you have kids, there are so many activities and games that you can play with them to entertain them!

1. We all love to take care of our skin, so you can do a pampering skincare session with your mom, you can even do her a facial.


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2. If your father or mother are fans of reading. Read a book together and have a discussion with them about the story.

3. How about working out with your mom? This is what I did a few days ago. I download home workout apps and she also wanted to exercise, so she joined me.

Here are some home exercise apps to try out.

4. Share your dad's hobbies. Take out the playstation and join him for a few games; this will definitely make him happy.

5. If your dad has been spending his time repairing things around the house, then lend him a helping hand.

6. Have a family movie night. Pick a movie together, maybe something nostalgic that reminds you all of the Good Ol' Days and of course pull out the popcorn.

Or you can go to Netflix for some exciting TV shows to pass the time...

7. Does your dad like board games or chess? This is the perfect opportunity to start playing together.

8. Take time to relive your childhood memories and look through old photos together to cheer you up and bring you closer.

9. Play some songs that you can all sing along and dance to!

10. You and your mom can knit together. She might enjoy teaching you knitting a lot.

11. You can get creative and do some DIY projects together.

12. Helping your mom with household chores is one of the things that can truly make her happy because she can get to rest and take some time for herself.

We have some tips on how to clean your home as quickly as possible, that your mom would love.

13. If your parents like to grow plants at home, you can help them out with some research and new ideas for plants they can grow.

14. You can help your mom or dad with the cooking. Cooking can really bond people and you can talk about secret recipes and tricks.


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15. Why not do a fun makeup session with your mom? You can play around and go crazy with colors or even teach her your makeup tricks!

You could even try out these makeup tips for women over 40...

16. Take out your mom's old clothes and dresses from the '80s and '90s or even her wedding dress and try them on as a surprise for her! It will be really fun and you can take some amazing pictures.

17. You can do yoga together, which will help you both relax.

18. Sit together in the balcony with a warm cup of tea and discuss interesting topics and issues.

19. You can do hair masks together with your mom. Make a big batch of a natural hair mask to get your hair soft and smooth.

20. Draw your mom a relaxing bath with cool bath bombs and scented candles to help her relax and de-stress.

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