10 Tips on How to Work From Home Easily and Efficiently

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3/19/20, 12:00 AM

Is this the first time you've tried to work from home? Well under some circumstances, like the unfortunate one we're in right now because of the Coronavirus, we have to make do with our laptops, virtual meetings and the couch. You could be finding it difficult to organize your day and time so you can be as productive as you were at the office. Also, a lot of people struggle with drawing a line between work time and after hours resting time. I'm also currently working from home so let me give you some tips on how to work from home easily and efficiently...

Here are 10 important tips on how to work from home easily and efficiently:

1. Time Management

First of all, set your work priorities and write down a to do list, so you can make sure you're working for the right amount of hours and you're not waisting any time looking for what to do next. You can organize your time by using apps or websites to you like RescueTime site which helps you organize your day as well as calculating the number of hours you spend on each task.

2. Don't let go of your normal routine

Your mental wellbeing is crucial here, so to make things easier on your mood and lifestyle, set a routine for yourself that is not far off from what you usually do before going to work. Take off your pyjamas, put on a comfy but nice outfit, brush your hair and put on makeup, so you feel like you're actually getting ready for work. That way, when you're done you can relax, change and feel like there was a transition in your day. 

3. Arrange a nice workspace

You really should set a place in your home to be your work place, so you can draw the line between work and home. Stay away from the bedroom and bed, it will make it very hard to focus. Make sure there's also nice, work appropriate, lighting so you don't hurt your eyes


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4. Does the whole family share the router? 

One of the most annoying things about working from home is the wifi! Especially when the entire family is sharing one. They might not be aware of how much it could be affecting your productivity, so ask them nicely to reduce their wifi consumption during your working hours. Or you can subscribe to a faster internet service for the time being. 

5. Are your children and family around? All the time?

If you have children, it could be very difficult to focus on work, so it is best to have someone help you and sit with them until you're done for the day. If you live with your family or parents, make sure you communicate with them how busy you are and that you will be free at night to sit with them and help them with whatever they need. Also make sure you try to find a quiet private spot to work from alone.

You can also find some activities for kids to do at home, like these ones...

6. Set a lunch break

When organizing your daily schedule, make sure your leave time in the middle to have a lunch break or time to rest. Leave the laptop and room and go sit somewhere else, grab a snack and forget about work for 20-30 minutes. 

This salad recipe is perfect for lunch! 

7. How to commnicate with your colleagues?

You don't have to stop having meetings because you're working from home. There are so many ways to communicate virtually nowadays. There are a lot of websites and apps that make it easy to communicate with co-workers, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and GoToMeeting

8. Don't shy away from the camera

A lot of people hesitate to do video chats, but it really does help better communication and understanding when it comes to work. If you're shy, just sit in a closed quiet room and wear something other than your Pj's.


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9. Stay in touch with your colleagues

You could start to feel very lonely after a couple of days, because you're used to seeing your colleagues and working with them everyday. So make sure you talk to them, either through phone calls or text, it will help reduce this feeling of isolation. 

10. Sick leave

If you feel exhausted or ill any day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break and asking for sick leave. You can discuss it with your manager for most offices allow sick leave, even when you're working from home.

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