If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate Mother's Day this year, consider watching one of these motherhood-themed movies. Motherhood movies are among the most popular due to the wholesome, emotional feelings they elicit. They could also be amusing or disturbing, depending on your mood. So grab some snacks and watch these 25 movies about motherhood from the emotional to the hilarious.

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Here are 25 of the best movies about motherhood:

1. Mamma Mia!

Best motherhood movies

This movie is perfect for celebrating Mother's Day with your mom because it's a mixture of romance, comedy, and great music that everyone loves. It tells the story of a mother’s relationship with her bride-to-be daughter.

2. El Hafeed

Best motherhood movies

One of the best and most iconic Egyptian comedies. It's about a big family where the parents, Hussein and Zainab struggle to deal with their kids, but the mom here has the kindest heart, and her character is very close to a lot of people who grew up watching the film. 

3. Dumbo

Best motherhood movies

An elephant gives birth to a baby elephant after having dreamt of being a mother. However, her baby elephant turned out to have really big ears, and so he was constantly ridiculed for how he looked. 

4. Because I Said So

Best motherhood movies

A mother of three finds that her daughter's love life is in danger and she has to intervene by finding her a suitable match. She places an ad on the internet looking for a man for her daughter. 

5. Bad Moms

Best motherhood movies

Mom's life can be hard. Three moms decide they've had enough of the unrealistic expectations that come with being a mom and rebel by starting to have a little more fun. 

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6. Emberatoriet Meem

Best motherhood movies

It is one of the most iconic films in Egyptian cinema about motherhood. It tells the story of Mona, played by Faten Hamama, who is left to parent her six children after the death of her husband. She faces many problems when it comes to raising them, especially because of their different ages, from children to teens.

7. Stepmom

Best motherhood movies

Isabelle marries a divorced man and struggles to deal with his children and make them happy, especially since his ex-wife doesn't like her. However, things change when the family finds out some life-changing news.

8. La Tasaalny Man Ana

Best motherhood movies

You may have seen this movie before, as it is one of the most famous Egyptian films about motherhood. It tells the story of a poor woman called Aisha who decides to sell her daughter to a wealthy woman who cannot have children. 

9. Lady Bird

Best motherhood movies

A high school student wants freedom, adventure, and change. However, her relationship with her mother is complicated, and so we get to see a very realistic and moving representation of a mother-daughter relationship.

10. Brave

Best motherhood movies

If you like animated movies like me, you should watch Brave. It tells the story of princess Merida, who's forced by her mother to marry the son of a king in order to unify the kingdom. She looks for a spell to change her fate, but now must use her bravery and skills to undo a curse.

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11. Mother's Day

Best motherhood movies

This movie tells multiple stories about motherhood and raising children. However, their paths come together leading up to Mother's Day.

12. Om El Arousa

Best motherhood movies

Another Egyptian classic, this one about a family of seven children who face many social and economic problems, especially after the engagement of the eldest daughter.

13. The Blind Side

Best motherhood movies

A homeless young man, Michael, is arrested, but his life is transformed when a family helps him rediscover himself to become a great football player.

14. Freaky Friday

Best motherhood movies

What happens if a mom and daughter switch roles and, quite literally, their bodies with each other? Will it heal their relationship when they see things from the other person's perspective?

15. Al Elmraa Al Maghoola

Best motherhood movies

A simple girl marries a wealthy young man, and they have a boy together. However, things take a different turn when she gets arrested and her husband deprives her of seeing her son.

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16. Moms' Night Out

Best motherhood movies

All mothers know the struggle of having your children take up all your time to the point where you don't get time for yourself or your friends. These moms, however, try to take an overdue break, but things don't go as planned. 

17. Lion

Best motherhood movies

A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost far from his home until he's adopted by an Australian couple, and after twenty-five years, he goes out to search for his family in India.

18. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood


A dry relationship since childhood between a mom and her mother. The daughter talks about it openly in an interview, and their problems get worse until three of the mom's friends interfere to help their relationship. 

19. Rabbit Hole

Best motherhood movies

A happily married couple's lives suddenly turn into a real tragedy when their only son dies in a terrible accident.

20. Ricki and the Flash

Best motherhood movies

A guitar player Ricky, who's devoted most of her life to rock and stardom, returns to her home to make up for lost time with her family.

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21. Tully 

Best motherhood movies

Marlo, a mother of three played by Charlize Theron, hires a night nanny played by Mackenzie Davis to help her rediscover the woman she once was while reconciling with the woman she has become since giving birth to her daughter Mia.

22. Room

Best motherhood movies

Room is an emotional look at how far a mother will go to protect her child, as well as proof of the power of survival and adaptability. It is based on the same-titled book, which was released in 2010. Brie Larson plays a kidnapped young woman who is forced to live in an underground room with her son, Jacob Tremblay, in this Oscar-winning masterpiece. 

23. Mermaids 

Best motherhood movies

Mermaids, a 1990 family drama, takes place in the 1960s and follows a carefree mother and her two daughters as they relocate to a small town in Massachusetts.

24. 20th Century Women 

Best motherhood movies

The film is about a bohemian mother in the 70s. The mother runs a boarding house full of interesting characters, including a photographer, a free-spirited teen, and her son, Jamie. These extraordinary women, shaped by their feminism, co-parent him.

25. Life as We Know It 

Best motherhood movies

This movie is a perfect example of how to give a child the best life possible even if you are not emotionally ready to have children.