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Gather your girlfriends, it’s a watch party for all the strong women around you who managed to break every stereotype on the planet and prove everyone wrong. I survived a long journey of making peace with myself and believing that "I can" and without the help and empowerment of women around me, I wouldn’t have been able to do so. If you feel like you're hitting rock-bottom with life or you think you're about to give up on your dreams this is my list of uplifting and empowering movies that will inspire you to keep going.

8 Movies That Made Me Believe in Myself and the Women Around Me

Mona Lisa Smile


While this movie is considered old and portrays women’s lives in the '50s, I still see it highly relatable to our modern-day. How women are challenged to choose between marriage and career and how society pressures them to be prepared to be a housewife rather than being a successful woman and following their own dreams. This movie taught me that we women are born to be more than mothers and wives, of course it’s important to be one, but there’s so much more in life to pursue than just being someone's wife.

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Hidden Figures


This movie tackled gender discrimination in a way that was never done before, and how women working in a workplace taken over by men can be hard. How three black women working in NASA were expected to do less, neglecting their qualifications. What inspired me the most here was not only their resilience to prove themselves, but how sticking to one another made them overcome these obstacles. Which proves that women rise by lifting each other up indeed.

The Blind Side


When I first saw this movie I was deeply touched by the character of Leigh Anne Tuohy which Sandra bullock plays in the movie. How it shows that the amount of love, humanity, and patience in a women’s heart can change lives. How despite being rich and privileged she still cares to make a difference and transform an African boy’s life, by taking him in and becoming his legal guardian.

Miss Congeniality


Despite being one of my favorite comedies, I believe that this movie displayed the reality that women are more interested in doing a good job than just being pretty. As Gracie, an FBI agent goes undercover in a pageant to prevent a terrorist threat from happening. She gets closer to the girls participating in the competition and gets to know how they can be talented and interesting aside from the shallow picture they’re judged to be.

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This movie’s events are mostly created from Amélie’s imagination, as she is just a modest waitress in Paris. But the way she portrays possibilities of saving and helping people around her is really inspiring. This movie made me understand the endless possibilities between the things we want to do and what we actually pursue.

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Legally Blonde


This movie is about Elle Woods, a girl that might seem like an all pink, sugar, spice and everything nice, but is far more deep than that. A blond girl who enrolls into Harvard, and strives to defy stereotypes and fight sexism in style after her ex-boyfriend told her she is “too blonde”. So, try to live every day like Elle Woods after Warner told her that she wasn’t smart enough for law school.

Little Women


‘’Women they have minds and they have souls as well as just hearts and they’ve got ambition and they've got talent as well as just beauty and am so sick of people saying that love is just all a women is fit for’’ quoted from Jo March the heroine of this movie and a real role model. This movie will leave a mark on your heart on so many levels. It helped me understand that every path a woman chooses in her life should be accepted, and society will judge anyway if you gave up on your career for marriage and if you do otherwise. So, you might as well do what makes you happy and forget about the world.

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Coco Before Chanel


What better movie to make you believe in yourself than a movie about the most inspirational woman in fashion history? This movie made me believe how a woman can change her own life upside down and make history, as before Chanel, Coco or Gabriel was just a seamstress and cabaret entertainer who was living a life not meant for her.