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I don’t care what anyone says, but some of my all time favorite movies are what people may call ‘unrealistic’ and ‘cheesy rom coms’. What they fail to see is that, that is exactly where I find beauty the in them. For 2 hours you get to fall into a romantic idealized story, with ups and downs, that is meant to make you feel good and cosy on the inside. Who in the world doesn’t want that? Besides I really believe some of these movies are genuinely important and significant. Some of them actually shaped who I am today. So, here’s a list of the uplifting movies that never failed to put me in a good mood. These are the kinds of movies that make you feel uplifted, inspired and emotional, at least they do for me. 

Movies and TV Shows That Helped Me Understand Romantic Relationships.

WARNING: Some of them are actually sad. So don’t hate me. I actually find some sad movies to be really inspiring and hopeful. 

My ultimate feel good movies: 

The Devil Wears Prada


This is probably the one of my all time favorite movies and actually probably my first ever favorite movie, past the age of 12. This film was an awakening for me. It shows such an appreciation and love for fashion that was almost immediately transferred to me. Also, for the first time after watching a movie I felt something I didn’t know how to process at the time...the feeling of being inspired. So many people love this movie, but for me it’s a very personal deep love. I connect to it on such an emotional level and I’m not sure, until this day, that I understand why. After I watch it, I feel motivated, strong, and that there’s nothing a pair of stilettos and a wash of blue eyeshadow can’t do.

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Julie & Julia 


I saw this movie 2 times and I can only remember how it made me feel the second time because by then I had developed such a deep love for food and watching anything related to food. I remember after finishing it, I felt like there is nothing more beautiful than the art of cooking and that food can be a source of so much joy in our life. And this is what the movie brilliantly does. It highlights the emotional connection one can have to cooking and how it can be a journey that has an immense impact on you. I love everything about this film and I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching it for the rest of my life.

The Holiday


If you know me, you know I love anything Christmas related. It’s my favorite time of the year, and despite this being a Christmas movie, I watch it anytime and anywhere. It not only puts me in a festive mood, but it also makes me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time, which is why I love romcoms, regardless of how unrealistic or ‘cringy’ they may be. This is a beautiful movie about love and actually self love, with a terrific cast that has incredible chemistry. Some of the scenes here are truly iconic. And everytime I finish it, I feel like I am born again with hope and appreciation for life. 

Monte Carlo


This is one of my favorite feel good rom coms. It’s a simple story that I can’t relate to in any way but I kind of love how romanticized and unrealistic it is. I also love the cast so much. It is set in different places around beautiful France and the music is actually absolutely beautiful. It’s about taking risks, being carefree, friendship and love. I could watch it everyday without ever getting bored. I absolutely love it. 

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This is probably one of the most beautiful animations ever made to this day. I almost forget when I’m watching it that it’s an animation because of how beautifully done and well written it is. It’s emotional, raw and despite being fiction, it feels so real, apart from the evil magical conjurings of Rasputin. The story is absolutely beautiful and the dialogue is funny. Even their facial expressions are strong and they really make an impact on you. The setting and outfits are also absolutely stunning. And of course we can’t leave behind the incredible and memorable soundtrack. ‘Once upon a december’ is a magnificent piece of music. 

Last Night


Now let’s get the real stuff. On the more complex end of things, this movie was an experience for me to say the least. It was the first time I ever saw a movie that was simple and slow but kept me engaged and invested. Despite being a considerably sad film, the reason it brings me so much joy is because of how I see and appreciate every little detail from a hand movement to a t-shirt being put on. It is brilliant in its portrayal of what relationships and infidelity are really like. Every word in the dialogue has immense significance and the acting is absolutely breathtaking. It instantly became one of my all time favourite movies and made me discover a whole new world in film that would end being one my favorite things about movies. Also the soundtrack is by the genius Clint Mansell and I kid you not, I listened to the album for 2 weeks straight, every night before I went to sleep. 

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Vicky Christina Barcelona 


I never thought of myself as someone who would have a Woody Allen movie on her list of favorite films, but here we are. You’ve probably heard of this movie before and the cast speaks for itself. It is one of the most beautiful interpretations I’ve ever seen of the human experience, how different and complex we are as humans, and how that shapes and molds our connections and relationships to other people. I always feel enlightened and hopeful after watching this film, despite it being not that hopeful at all, in my opinion. It can actually get pretty intense. Also, the scenery, interiors and music is beautiful. 

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