Reviews Are Out! Here Are The Best Ramadan 2023 Desserts So Far
Mariam Youssef
4/9/23, 6:00 PM

Every Ramadan, bakeries and dessert shops compete to create amazing, delicious, creative, and unique desserts. We often hear about new creations and creative additions to our beloved oriental desserts. From “Al-Ghara’ana” to “Al-Shara’ana,” the creations are never-ending, and we’re so here for it. You don’t have to try everything and risk paying too much for something not that good because we’ve gathered the most-hyped-about Ramadan 2023 desserts that plenty of people praise. So, let’s have a look and get ready for some yummy calories.

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Qatayef from Love Bite

As the name suggests, when you taste Love Bite’s Qatayef, you’ll feel the love running through your taste buds. They have managed to add fantastic flavors to our beloved Qatayef, such as Lotus, pistachio cream, cotton candy, bubble gum, and more. Not only does the filling taste fresh and delicious, but the Qatayef dough tastes amazing as well. Don’t miss out on the family platter, especially when you’re having a family gathering or having Iftar with friends. For orders and prices, click here.

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Mille Feuille Kunafa from Breadfast

This is probably the most loved and talked about dessert this year. Ever since Breadfast came into our lives, it’s been blessing us with heavenly pastries and delicious goods, and this Mille Feuille Kunafa is no exception! Breadfast is already known for its high-quality products, and this dessert truly wowed us. It’s simple yet delicious. It’s not too sweet; it has just the right amount of sweetness that you’re looking for in a dessert. You will taste the high-quality ingredients while nibbling on this heavenly dessert. For orders and prices, download the app.

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Al-Hadouta Ice Cream Cake from Dara’s Ice Cream

Since Ramadan this year is pretty hot, you’d love to have yourself an ice cream treat. However, this time, it’s not just any regular ice cream; it’s Dara’s Ice Cream cake! The quality, taste, and creativity of her cakes make her one of the best in the market. This year, Dara’s Ice Cream offers us 4 different ice cream cakes, but Al-Hadouta is truly a legendary dessert. It’s light, creamy, and crunchy. Talking about it won’t do it any justice; you just have to try it. For orders and prices, click here.

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Baklava Bites from Dirty Cookie

Look at the photo and you’ll feel that crisp right away. Don't take our word for it and get your box of Baklava Bites to taste that deliciousness for yourself. Many people have reported back that Baklava Bites is one of the best desserts in Ramadan this year. Dirty Cookie is known for its spectacular cookies that taste like heaven. So, when they decide to turn their gorgeous cookies into Ramadan Baklava bites, trust that the quality and amazing taste will be the same. You may also want to try their three-layered cookie cake and choose your preferred filling. For orders and prices, click here.

Kinder Cookie Cake from Ami’s Bakery

How much do you love Kinder Chocolate? How about trying a whole Kinder Cookie Cake that tastes like nothing you’ve had before? Trust us; you won’t regret it! This is your chance to try this out-of-this-world cake from Ami’s Bakery, who’s known for its fabulous desserts. Try this one, but mind the calories. For orders and prices, click here.

Kunafa Kinder from Noix Desserts

If you’re a Kinder chocolate lover but not into cookies, you’ll surely love this Kunafa Kinder from Noix Desserts. As described by them, it's the best of both worlds. You’ll just need to put it in the microwave for a few minutes and gather around a super tender Kunafa tart full of heavenly chocolate. Noix Desserts also has this amazing Qatayef Platter that contains five different mouth-watering flavors. For orders and prices, send a Whatsapp message to this number: 01005687700.

Tres Leches from KB’s Cake Studio

Tres Leches is probably going to be your favorite cake of all time, especially when you taste it from KB’s Cake Studio. You won’t have enough of this fantastic dessert as it’s light, creamy, and fluffy. You’ll be hooked for life on this dessert. You may also want to try KB’s Raspberry Napoleon. It’s crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. For orders and prices, click here.

Al-Madlou’aa from Tortina

If you’re looking for a sweet comfort dessert for a quality time after Iftar, try this one. Al-Madlou’aa from Tortina will satisfy your sugar cravings and taste buds. It’s a Syrian basbousa topped with condensed milk, sponge cake, and light clouds of cream. We also suggest that you try their “Mekashkesha.” For orders and prices, click here.

Nutella Pistachio Kunafa from Dukes

Pistachio lovers, where are you at? You won’t be able to resist this beauty from Dukes. Their Nutella Pistachio Kunafa is everything you’re looking for in a dessert. All the flavors come together and create this perfect yummy taste that will truly make your day. For orders and prices, click here.

Oriental Desserts from Tseppas

Although we love new and creative Ramadan desserts, we cannot have enough of our most loved oriental desserts. Tseppas is known for its amazing quality and great taste, so if you’re looking for tasty oriental desserts, such as basbousa, kunafa, goulash, or balah al-sham, don’t think twice and order from Tseppas. By the way, Tseppas has a variety of new creative desserts that look and taste amazing, so you may want to have a look at their menu. For orders and prices, click here.

Ramadan is a fantastic time to try new desserts and see what you like, especially when you don’t have time to bake or make desserts from scratch. Try these out and share your favorite with us.

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