I don't think we ever get too old for sleepovers, and we might as well take full advantage of them, before we're married and with children, and our weekend involves family time instead of friends gossiping. The ultimate sleepover requires certain things to be available, so if you are preparing for an upcoming sleepover, you will want to go through this checklist.

1. Junk Food

The time you and your friends gather for a night, you can spare the healthy food and snacks. Think pizza and burgers, make them yourself, it would be a fun activity and it would definitely be more healthy than ordering it. Load up on buns, cheese, ketchup and mustard and prepare yourself an awesome dinner.

2. Desserts

If you are an avid baker, then by all means bake cookies, cupcakes and of course make some extra icing. Cinnabites are also nice to munch on for the night, a sugar rush is essential at every sleepover. Don't forget the ice-cream!

3. Movies

Chick flicks!!! What group of girls don't enjoy watching chick flicks and commenting about the sexy looking guys and the fashionable outfits. You can even have an episode marathon, Gossip Girl anyone? Sex and the City? Don't forget the popcorn.

4. Mani-Pedi

Bring the salon to your room. Make sure everyone brings their own nail kit and a selection of nail polish. That way you will load up on a colorful selection and go creative. Nail art is definitely something you should do on a sleepover.

5. Games

Monopoly? Pictionary? Spin the Bottle? Whatever your preference really is, be sure to include some games in the night. Get competitive, and go very creative with the dares, it's going to be one memorable night. 

7. Dress Up

They say playing dress up begins at five and never really ends. Well, this is absolutely true, whether it's trying on wild costumes, or mixing and matching your clothes. Dress all up, as if you're heading for a night out, and create the ultimate street style outfits, then send it in to Fustany's #Todayimwearing

8. Music and Disco Balls

So you're all dressed up in your heels, blast the music and have your very own wild party. A disco ball may be a bit too much, but use interesting lighting, perhaps a lava lamp. Create the mood, it is one night and you must go all out.

9. DIY

Ditch the friendship bracelets for a change and do something innovative. Tell your friends to bring a pair of old jeans and prepare your very own DIY station. Studs, glitter, glue gun, scissors and twist those jeans into something fabulous.

10. Photos

What happens at the sleepover stays at the sleepover. However, you must document the night. Make sure you snap that picture of your friend doing her dare of prank calling her crush. You will want to look back on these pictures one day and smile till you pee.