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30 Healthy Ramadan Meal Ideas to Enhance Your Iftar and Suhoor!

Author Jasmine Kamal
Time 3/13/24, 1:00 PM
Healthy Ramadan Meal Ideas

Are you looking for delicious and healthy Ramadan recipes suitable for both iftar and suhoor? We're here for you. We've gathered Ramadan meal ideas and healthy options to relieve you from daily confusion, ranging from main course ideas for Iftar to healthy salad ideas, soup dishes, and even Suhoor options. Just keep reading, discover the recipes, and choose what suits you.


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Your Guide to Ramadan Meal Ideas and Healthy Options!


1. Ramadan Healthy Meals ideas for Iftar


Ramadan Healthy Meals ideas for Iftar


1- Musakhan

Musakhan is considered one of the best healthy Ramadan recipes, as it contains whole grains (bread), vegetables (red onions), protein (chicken), and even healthy fats (pine nuts).



2- Grape Leaves

Grape leaves are actually a healthy Ramadan iftar as they contain a high fiber content!



3- Maqluba

Maqluba is a delicious layered Arab rice dish made with chicken or lamb, vegetables, and spicy rice. It is nutritious due to its high protein content.



4- Chicken Tray with Dates and Caramelized Lemon

Nothing beats a tray of chicken combining dates and slightly tangy lemon. Just cut the chicken into strips, place them in the tray with the mentioned ingredients, and let it grill for a sufficient time. Serve it with a side of rice.


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5- Lamb Meatballs with Labneh and Bread

Gently mix seasoned lamb meatballs with pine nuts, creamy thick labneh, lots of herbs, and some fresh vegetables to prepare this tasty meal.



6- Moroccan Tuna Kebabs with Herbs and Lemon Zest

Nourish your body and break your fast with Moroccan seasoned tuna kebabs that can be prepared in 15 minutes. For a more satisfying meal, serve them with pita bread or fattoush salad.



7- Lamb Kofta with Rice

For a filling and nutritious meal, go for grilled lamb kofta served with yellow rice flavored with pomegranate seeds, cumin, coriander, cardamom, and saffron.



8- Spaghetti with Turkey Meatballs

How about low-calorie meatballs? Replace lamb with minced turkey flavored with garlic and fennel. Serve it on a bed of spaghetti for a satisfying meal.



9- Chicken with Freekeh

This Lebanese dish is flavorful, rich in chicken protein, and made with whole grain freekeh. It's perfect for a nutritious breakfast.



10- Shish Tawook

How about a little change? Try Shish Tawook for breakfast; grilled chicken skewers marinated in yogurt, lemon, and garlic, making a delicious addition to your easy Ramadan recipes.



2. Healthy Salad Ideas for Ramadan


Healthy Salad Ideas for Ramadan


11- Green Salad

This is the most widespread and beloved traditional healthy salad for many of us. Just gather your favorite vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, colorful bell peppers, carrots, lettuce, onions, and others, and cut them into a salad bowl. You can omit the vegetables you don't like.



12- Hummus Salad

Did you know that hummus salad is a healthy iftar recipe? It's easy to prepare and helps with weight loss because it's rich in chickpeas, which have a high fiber content and support digestive health!



13- Fattoush Salad

Fattoush salad is an ideal choice for iftar during the month of Ramadan because it embodies the essence of health and vitality. This dish includes a variety of fresh vegetables, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to renew and nourish the body after a day of fasting. Additionally, the dressing made with rich olive oil not only adds a wonderful flavor but also offers the benefits of healthy heart fats.



14- Mashed Avocado and Yogurt Salad

Mashed avocado is usually found on toasted bread and consumed with eggs, but here it forms the base of a delicious green salad that blends with yogurt, giving it a unique and different taste.


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15- Creamy Cucumber Salad

This salad carries a lot of meaning and takes you back years when your grandmother used to serve it to you, then your mother, and now it's your turn. You don't need many ingredients; just have sliced cucumbers and mix them with cooking cream or a cup of Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, vinegar, spices, and a little sugar.



3. Healthy Soup Ideas for Ramadan


Healthy Soup Ideas for Ramadan


16- Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is a beloved and healthy dish for iftar during Ramadan. If the weather is cold, rest assured it will provide the necessary warmth, and if not, it will still supply your body with essential vitamins.



17- Tomato Soup

This tomato soup uses two types of tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, and tomato paste. Both are excellent sources of the healthy antioxidant lycopene for the skin. In addition to being low in calories, adding a variety of herbs and spices like chili, ginger, and garlic makes it anti-inflammatory and supportive of the immune system.



18- Chicken Vegetable Soup

This chicken soup is full of healthy vegetables for you. Just add your favorite spices and herbs with a squeeze of lemon to the soup and enjoy a fantastic taste.



19- Green Vegetable Soup

This immune-boosting soup, filled with green vegetables and potatoes for a creamy texture, only needs a touch of cream to become a nourishing warm soup for iftar during Ramadan.



20- Creamy Mushroom Soup

This recipe is very easy and makes a wonderful meal for Ramadan iftar. It is also low in calories. Just choose a good type of mushroom and cream for a delightful experience.



4. Healthy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan


Healthy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan


21- Whisked and Fried Egg Sandwich with Arugula

A sandwich with whisked and fried eggs in olive oil might be the best choice for Suhoor if you're looking for something filling. Add some arugula for extra benefits.



22- Spinach and Feta Omelet

Another satisfying Suhoor option is the spinach and feta omelet. Simply sauté spinach in a pan, add eggs until the omelet forms, and top it with tomato slices and an appropriate amount of feta cheese.



23- Toasted Bread with Avocado, Egg, Tomato, and Spinach

Layer "egg, avocado, spinach, tomato" on whole wheat toast for a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fats.



24- Greek Yogurt with Granola and Sliced Fruits

For a filling Suhoor, a cup of Greek yogurt with granola and sliced fruits is the solution. Rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates from granola, it helps maintain energy levels during fasting. The dietary fiber from granola keeps you fuller for a longer period.



25- Shakshuka

Another nutritious and quickly prepared Suhoor option is shakshuka. Mix tomato paste, eggs, olive oil, and peppers on heat until cooked, then add water with your favorite spices. After boiling, add eggs and leave for 7 to 10 minutes until the shakshuka is ready.



26- Chicken Avocado Sandwich

If you're looking for a light Suhoor recipe, try a sandwich with chicken slices and avocado. It's nutritious, filling, and easy to prepare.



27- Tuna Sandwich with Vegetables

Mix tuna with mayonnaise and add your preferred vegetables. Spread the mixture on a sandwich or toast.



28- Fava Bean Dish with Vegetables

Fava beans are a traditional and nutritious Suhoor option. Just add an appropriate amount of olive oil, and you can also include slices of tomatoes and onions if you don't prefer it plain.



29- Berry Smoothie

Berries are not very sugar-rich fruits, making them a beneficial choice for a smoothie at Suhoor. It's easy to consume, filling, and simple to prepare.



30- Labneh with Thyme Sandwich

The delicious trio, labneh with thyme and your favorite vegetables (fresh mint, tomatoes, and cucumbers), in Lebanese bread or pita.

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