Why Do You Get Headaches in Ramadan, and How to Get Rid of Them?
Heba Abohemed
4/3/23, 11:30 AM

The most common complaint during Ramadan is getting headaches! People usually get a headache before Iftar, and it’s terrible because during the day you can’t take any medication to relieve the pain. But don’t worry, as I’ll tell you the reasons why you get headaches in Ramadan and how you can get rid of them, even while fasting.

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So why do we get headaches in Ramadan?

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1. First of all, you might get a headache because your blood pressure is either low or high.

2. Also, the decrease in sugar levels in your blood during fasting might cause you a headache.

3. Dehydration is a major reason why you get a headache during Ramadan.

4. People who are used to drinking a lot of caffeine throughout the day are most likely to have bad headaches in the first few days of Ramadan.

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5. If you have anemia, which is a deficiency of iron in your body, you can get headaches during Ramadan.

6. Last but not least, if you have sinus problems, you’re most likely to develop a headache in your daily life. So you need to talk to your doctor about finding a natural remedy for the daytime.

How to get rid of headaches in Ramadan?

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1. The first thing you need to do is avoid overeating during Iftar. This will attract your blood circulation to your stomach, and the result will be a terrible headache.

2. If you already have a headache before breaking your fast, then I recommend that you eat dates first. They’re very light on your stomach, and they have the exact amount of sugar your body needs to regain its strength.

3. Drinking water is very crucial after breaking your fast, so from Iftar time until Sohoor drink enough water and avoid soda and caffeine, because they are the main reasons why you feel dehydrated the next day.

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4. Don’t stay up too late, and then wake up early to go to work. Of course, you’ll get a headache. Go to bed at a reasonable time and wake up fresh and ready for a new, productive day!

5. Sohoor is not to be missed, but it's also not meant for overeating. Both cases can cause you a terrible headache the next day.

6. Now for the best tip of them all: if you’re fasting and a headache strikes you, soak your feet in warm water, put something cold on the back of your head, and rest your eyes for a while. You’ll feel much better afterwards!

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