So, It's the first day of Ramadan and as I'm writing this my neck is slouched down, my face is puffy, my eyes are half shut and most people in the office are probably trying to avoid communicating with me. So, I decided that instead of whining about how hard the first day of Ramadan is, I'll talk to you a little bit and we can help each other move past the first days of Ramadan struggles.

I must say, the day has not been pleasant to me so far. I went to sleep with a positive outlook towards Ramadan. I wanted this year to be different. I wanted to enjoy the beauty of it, to cherish it and focus on what really matters...and then I woke up.

I woke up early for work, which is not always easy to do, so that was a good step, and then I took my first morning gulp and there it was...a sore throat. The sore throat that is really irritating but could also be harmless so, I have to wait and see how bad it could get. It usually takes me 35 minutes to get to work, today it took almost 2 hours because of traffic. I'm very jumpy and grumpy so picked up a fight with my fiancĂ© over absolutely nothing. So yeah, I'm not having the best first day of Ramadan, the only thing that is currently on my side is the fact that I'm not a coffee addict so, I don't have to withstand the migraines. 

So, this is my way of trying to turn the tables around. Now that I'm done complaining and I let all the negativity out, I'm going to try to pick my self up with a little positivity and motivation, here are the things that I'm going to try out as reminders and motivation to power through Ramadan:

1. Force my self to talk to other people

I know it sounds horrific because it feels like any human interaction is just going to make things harder. But, I actually found that talking to some people and trying to get a joke in every now and  then, will fuel the mind and body. It could really help make you feel like today is just another day and will wake your sleepy mind and help you think of something other than your bed.

2. Think of how good it will feel to take those first bites and sips

I think a huge part of Ramadan is becoming more aware our blessings and remembering to appreciate the little things, things like breakfast and water. So, I will think of my mom's soup and how good it feels to finally sit on the dining table and enjoy every sip of it (I'm really sorry if you're reading this before Iftar and I'm making you hungry).

3. Fewer working hours

Yes. It truly is necessary and very very much appreciated. You will stay glued to your desk for a couple of hours with no time to waste on food, cigarette breaks, coffee breaks and the socializing is minimal... so you get more work done in a lot less hours. A skill we all want to acquire before summer. 

4. The blessings of gatherings

Let's take a moment for the rare shared excitement everyone has to eat together at the same time. Let's all take another moment for the after Iftar couch potato-ing with tea, incredible desserts and the TV. Can we also take for a moment for how tea and coffee taste 10 times better when you haven't had it all day?

5. Maybe this year I will finally chanel my inner peace  

For a lot of people Ramadan feels like the beginning of a new year for them. A fresh start, a way to reconnect with their spirituality and work on bettering themselves. Every year I promise myself to get some alone time with myself and my spirituality and I never end up doing so. This year, I've grown and changed a lot so I'm hoping I can give my self some self love this year. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @saufeeya