15 Top Places for Abayas and Kaftans in Egypt
Nourhan El-Qerm
3/9/23, 3:06 PM

The abaya or kaftan is a must-have in your wardrobe, whether you are veiled or not. It is a real lifesaver for your Ramadan gatherings, and they are very suitable for those who are staying in an Arab country where you have to wear an abaya. Get a unique and modern abaya to have this stylish and chic look. Here are the 15 top places you can buy abayas and kaftans from in Egypt.

  Hijab Boutique

You'll find different styles of abayas and kaftans that suit various tastes in Hijab Boutique, you can shop your abaya from their website as they deliver in Egypt and abroad. The brand owners are the sisters, Iman and Sara Kafafi, they usually organize an open day for their abayas in different places in Cairo. You can check out their schedules for the open day on their Instagram account.

T R Ä U M E N 

Israa Tarek is the founder of TRAUMEN. This store is known to have different, colorful styles.  If you want to go casual with your Ramadan outfits, you can get your casual abaya and kaftan from them as you can pair them with jeans.


MODESTY store is specialized in modern abayas with a minimalist style. Shop your abaya from them if you prefer simple styles. 

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 Abaya Noir

Abaya Nawar is one of the most popular abaya stores in Egypt and they export their abayas in some gulf countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The designer Noha Geneina is the founder of this store and every season she is keen to make a variety of designs of black abayas that suit any woman. You can shop for your abaya online from their website. If you're looking for a simple black abaya with stylish touches, then check out the new Noir Abaya collection.


Marwa Ali Designs is known to be creative and out of the ordinary, as her designs of Ramadan kaftans are made of velvet fabric, which is unusual but very distinctive. You'll find many beautiful abayas on her Instagram page.

 Al Motahajiba

The Almotahajiba stores are the most famous abayas shops in the Middle East. They are available in Egypt, Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.  Almotahajiba' has the most elegant abayas with the finest materials. In her latest collection, she has designed a wonderful collection of black and colorful abayas that suit women who are looking for classic and chic abayas. You'll find Almotahajiba branches at Nasr City, Mohandessin, Cairo Festival City, and also in Alexandria and Mansoura.

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 HK by Hadeel El Khateeb

Hadeel Al Khatib's store is one of the places that has the modest and trendiest styles online. At hk by hadeel el khateeb you'll find Ramadan's collection as abayas with ruffles or lace sleeves, you'll also find colorful kaftans. 

 The Gallery


If you are one of those who likes the bohemian style and bold colors; then you'll totally like the new collection of The Gallery they have colorful Abayas and kaftans for Ramadan at their online store. what is special about the new collection is the Calligraphy used with the designs which is perfect for Ramadan gatherings. 

  Rsquared - Abaya Company 

Rsquared the abaya shop is located in Nasr city; you can also shop for their stuff online. it is specialized in classic black abayas, that have flattering and unique styles. 

 Vintage Boutique

Vintage botique is one of the best shops that has Ramadan kaftan and unique pieces that are Beaded and has bohemian embroidery. It is located in Zamalek in Egypt, and you can also shop their stuff online. 

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ASCIA is one of the best-known shops, as it has a very unique and modern styles that would make you look trendy and chic. Get your favorite piece from their Instagram page.


Frillucairo shop is inspired by the past, their designs have handicrafts and folkloric patterns. Scroll for your favorite abaya from their Instagram page and order it online.


Nazeekacollections is on Instagram as it is a brand specialized for modern abayas and kaftans; it has a mix of minimalist and bohemian styles. Most of the designs are with colors beige and white. You should absolutely visit their online website if you prefer a simple and clean look style.


Patches has an Instagram page that delivers to any place in Egypt. It has unique and stylish designs that have a great mix of colors and materials.

Abaya or caftan is a must-have piece, especially for occasions like Ramadan. They give that elegant modern look, to any Ramadan gathering. 

Translated by: Engy Elghannam

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