We know it's that time of the year where you're all looking for tips on how to get ready for Ramadan and planning Ramadan meals. The holy month comes with its bittersweetness...Stressing about food and how on earth you're going to prepare and manage to finish all these meals without complete exhaustion and potential fainting in the kitchen. 

So, did you know you can prepare your Ramadan meals in advance? And save yourself time, energy, sweat, and tears! First of all, you need fridge space... and A LOT of it. 

So here are the type of items you can meal prep for ramadan beforehand...

Here are 30 salad recipes for every day of Ramadan to make your life a lot easier...

1. Tomato Sauce 

To prepare that sauce we know you use for pretty much everything in Ramadan, squeeze and sift your fresh tomatoes and prepare on heat and then pack them in plastic bags and stack them in your freezer ready for instant use.  

2. Onions & Garlic 

Get batches of these seasoning essentials can also be prepped completely by cutting and smashing them ready for packing them in plastic bags and into the freezer. 

3. All your drinks

If you're like my family and you like making your Ramadan drinks at home, then you can also get them all ready for just pouring into your cup before Ramadan. Hibiscus, Tamr Hendy andQamar Al-Deen. You can sweeten it and completely finish them and put them in the freezer.

4. Sugar Syrup

Who doesn't love and crave Ramadan desserts? The basis for most of these desserts is simple syrup, but does that mean that you have to make it every time you want to make dessert? Cook it beforehand and have it ready for everyday.

5. All your soup 

Soup is the easiest thing to have ready for whenever you need it and it will taste as fresh as you first made it. Cook your soup completely. Mashed soup are the ones you can pre-pack, not anything with vegetable or meat pieces. You can do tomato, mushroom, potato, vegetable and artichoke soup. pack them in plastic bags and you know the rest...onto the freezer. 

Here are 30 soup recipes for every day of Ramadan.

6. Bechamel Sauce and White Sauce

Bechamel is essential and irreplaceable but takes a long time to prepare. So it would be good if you pre-prepared enough of it and also made some white sauce to have handy. 

7. Samosas (Samboosak) 

Stuff your Samosas with whatever you like, meat, cheese or spinach and roll them, put in a foam plate and in the freezer ready for frying. 

8. Rokak 

Soft minced meat pastry can also be packed in the freezer but you have to fully cook it. You can replace the meat with veggies or cheese. Cook it in the oven, cut it up and package them into the freezer.

9. Chicken Stock Cubes

It is always better to make chicken stock cubes at home. It won't take that much time and effort and it will save you a ton of time when you're cooking.

10. Chicken or Meat Scallop

Prep the chicken and meat completely covering it with eggs and crumbs and leave it raw in the fridge just ready for frying when you're ready. 

11. Cannelloni

Cook it completely but leave out the tomato sauce step and freeze it.  

12. Shish Taouk and Kofta

Spice the meat and get them on skewers and put them raw in the fridge ready to be grilled. 

13. All Veggies

You can get all the vegetables you'll be needing, clean them and cut them up if you want and pack them in the fridge so they just need to be cooked.  



Main Image Credits: Sweet Pillar Food