10 Delicious Low-Calorie Recipes for a Healthy Guilt-Free Ramadan

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10 Delicious Low-Calorie Recipes for a Healthy Guilt-Free Ramadan

We are constantly seeking a fulfilling meal with low calories to have as a main dish in Ramadan. We want to keep up with our healthy lifestyle and avoid putting on any extra pounds. That’s why we made a list of 10 healthy low-calorie and mouthwatering main dishes that you can cook during Ramadan.


Here are 10 nutritious, low-calorie main dishes for your Ramadan feast!


1. Steak with Garlic Sauce ( approx 230 calories)




- 4 steak pieces


-1 cup cooking cream


- ¼ cup sugar-free grape juice


- ½ cup shredded parmesan


- ¼ cup chopped onion


- 2 Tbsp Oil


- 2 Tbsp of chopped parsley


- 5 minced garlic cloves


- Salt and Pepper as desired




1. Marinate the steak with salt and pepper and leave aside.


2.Cook the steak in a non-stick pan with one Tbsp of oil on medium heat.


3. After they turn brown add the grape juice until the steak is cooked.


4. In another pan heat an oil Tbsp and cook the onion till it turns golden brown.


5. Add the cooking cream then the parmesan cheese and turn off the heat.


6. After the steak is cooked serve it and the cream sauce above it.


7. Note: don’t add the sauce unless you are serving the steak immediately so it won’t absorb all of the sauce.



2. Crunchy Filet Fish (approx 150 Calories)




-½ kilo of sliced filet fish


-1 large onion


-2 Peppers( one of them could be spicy or chili)


-5 Garlic cloves




-1 Tbsp lemon juice


- 1 cup of bread crumbs


- Green coriander ( as desired)


- Salt, pepper, and cumin (as desired)




1. Process the onions, green pepper, and coriander in the food processor.


2. Add the mixture to the fish and add the lemon juice and leave them for 15 minutes.


3. Whisk the egg in a side dish and in another dish add breadcrumbs.


4. Dip the fish in the egg then in the bread crumbs.


5. Put the fish in the freezer for an hour.


6. Cook the fish in the oven after sprinkling oil on the pan, cook with medium heat for 15 minutes till it turns golden.


7. Serve the fish with brown rice and decorate it with a sprinkle of coriander.



3. Chinese chicken with vegetables (approx. 200 calories)




-4 fillet chicken breasts


-¼ kilo sliced zucchini


-¼ kilo sliced potatoes


-4 Garlic cloves


- A sprinkle of salt and pepper


-1 cup yogurt


- A½ cup of skimmed milk


-1 Butter cube


- 1 nutmeg sprinkle


- 1 Tsp Italian spices (dried oregano, dried rosemary)




1. In a cooking Pan add ½ a butter cube then cook the chicken with salt and pepper.


 2. Add ½ the garlic cloves to the chicken without chopping the garlic.


3. In another pan add the other ½ of butter cube and add the potatoes and zucchini and cook them on low heat, add a sprinkle of salt and pepper, the Italian spices and the rest of the garlic cloves.

4. Before the chicken and veggies are cooked, add them in another pan with milk and nutmeg and cook it in the oven for 15 minutes.

5. Serve the veggies with the chicken on top and add yogurt sauce with garlic flavor.

6. Chicken Shawarma with vegetables ( approx. 200 calories).



4. Marinated Chicken Skillet (approx. 250 calories)




-3 Medium peppers


- 1 large thin-sliced onion


- 1 Tbsp paprika


- 1 Tsp Chili powder


-4 Tbsp vinegar


- 1 Tsp Lemon Juice


- 1 Tsp Mustard


- 1 cup yogurt




1. Add the chicken in a deep bowl and add the yogurt, mustard, salt, and pepper, chili powder, paprika, lemon, vinegar, colored pepper and mix them all together.


2. Leave them in the fridge inside a nylon bag.


3. In a cooking-pan add onion, lemon juice, pepper, and a tsp of water and cook.


4. Add the chicken with it’s marination to the pan and stir well till they are cooked and if it gets dry add some water to the pan.


5. Serve it with rice or brown bread.



5. Pasta with roasted vegetables and mint ( approx. 150-200 calories)




-200 gm brown pasts


- 2 sliced zucchinis


-1 small onion


-1 sliced red pepper


-½ sliced eggplant


-  2 Tbsp of chopped fresh mint


-2 Tbsp olive oil


- Salt and pepper as desired




1. Add all the vegetables in a large pan and add the olive oil and salt and pepper and leave under the grill for 20-25 minutes.


2. Meanwhile, boil the pasta for 8-10 minutes.


3. Put the pasta and the roasted veggies and a bit of salt and pepper together with olive oil and serve.



6. Salmon with thyme dish (approx. 150-200 calories)




-1 Salamon slice 150-200 gm


- 1 minced garlic clover


- Parsely


- 1 Tbsp Olive oil


- A sprinkle of thyme


- A sprinkle of salt and pepper


-A sprinkle of paprika


-A sprinkle of cumin




1. Marinate the salmon with the spices, thyme, and garlic then leave for 5 minutes.


2. In a non-stick pan heat the olive oil.


3. Add the salmon and cook on both sides.


4. Serve with roasted vegetables.



7. Grilled shrimp with vegetables( approx 150-200 calories)





-1-kilo shrimp


- 2 colored peppers


- 1 large chopped onion


- 1 tsp ginger


-1 tsp turmeric


- 1 tsp cumin


- 1tsp minced garlic


- 1 tsp curry


- tsp saffron


- salt and pepper sprinkle




1. Wash the shrimp and marinate it with cumin, salt, pepper, curry, saffron, garlic and half the onion you have.


2. Put the shrimp on the grill and add the sliced colored pepper, sliced onion, chopped garlic, and ginger.


3. Cook on both sides till cooked.


4. Serve with roasted vegetables.



8. Grilled Chicken Kofta



-½ chicken breast


- 2 large green peppers


-1 medium onion


- A sprinkle of spices( paprika-garlic powder-onion powder-curry-salt-white pepper-thyme).


- 1 tsp of fresh parsley.




1. Process the chicken, spices, onion, and pepper together.


2. In a non-stick pan make round circles of chicken and put in the pan then bake for 30 minutes on medium heat.


3. After it’s well-done serve in a serving plate.



9. Grits with Meat  ( approx 250 calories)




-1 Cup os soaked grits


-½ kilo minced meat


-1 tsp minced garlic


- 1 tsp minced red pepper


-1 tsp minced green pepper


- 1 Tbsp olive oil


- salt and pepper and spices


- 1 cup of water




1. In a cooking pan cook oil, salt and pepper, and garlic.


2. Add the grits then stir, then add the spices, the minced meat, and then the water.


3. Let the grits absorb the water until cooked.


4. Serve with a green salad.



10. Rice with chicken and Vegetables ( approx. 200-250 calorie)




-4 chicken breasts


- 2 cups of water-soaked rice


-2 chopped onions


- 1 Tbsp minced garlic


-1 cup of diced rice


- 1 cup of diced and peeled potatoes


- 1 cup of boiled peas


-1 tsp cumin


- 1 tsp of dried grounded coriander


- 1 tsp of grounded black pepper




1. In a deep pan add little oil and let it heat.


2. Add the onions and stir till it turns golden, then add the garlic and the rest of the veggies.


3. Add the chicken and cover the pan till the chicken is cooked.


4. Remove the chicken in a side dish.


5. Extract the rice from water and put it the cooking pan that has the veggies.


6. Add water, salt, and pepper and leave the rice to cook.


7. Right before it’s cooked add the chicken then serve the chicken above the veggies and rice.


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