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What You Need to Know About Swimming During Your Period

Engy Elghannam
8/17/23, 12:30 PM

We've all experienced this situation, where you spend a long time planning a wonderful beach vacation filled with sunbathing and enjoying the ocean's waves. You put on your cute new swimsuit, apply sunscreen, wear your sunglasses and hat, and head to the beach. However, things take a turn when you realize that you have your period unexpectedly.


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Having your period can be bothersome, especially if it arrives right before your vacation. But don't worry; it doesn't have to ruin your fun. You can still do all the things you planned, including swimming. Swimming during your period is safe and can even be good for you. So, let's address the misconceptions and precautions about swimming while on your period.

Let's tackle the misconceptions about swimming during our period

The misconception: Swimming is unsafe during your period. 

The truth: There's no need to be concerned about swimming while you're on your period. Water won't enter your vagina when you swim, whether you're menstruating or not.

The misconception: I can't use period products while swimming.

The truth: You can and should use period products while swimming. Pads might not be the best choice because they can absorb water and become heavy or visible. Instead, opt for tampons, menstrual cups, or period swimwear. They're safe to use in water and are unlikely to fall out. Just be sure to change your tampon every four to eight hours or as recommended by your doctor. If you're using period swimwear, ensure that it fits well and provides adequate coverage to prevent leaks. Consider wearing dark-colored swimwear for added confidence.

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The misconception: Swimming will make my period cramps worse.

The truth: Swimming can actually help alleviate period cramps. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. This can improve your mood and ease the cramps that come with your period.

The misconception: Bringing a tampon is all I need for swimming. 

The truth: Along with a tampon, remember to bring a water bottle. During your period, your hydration needs might change due to hormonal fluctuations. Dehydration can be more likely when you're swimming because the water around you might trick your brain into thinking you're hydrated. Also, since you'll be wet, it's harder to notice if you're sweating, which can lead to further dehydration.

Note: Another important thing to bring if you're planning to swim outdoors is oil-free sunscreen. This is especially crucial if you're prone to breakouts, as both sunlight and periods can increase the risk of acne. 

Here are some precautions to consider when swimming during your period

- Hygiene Before Swimming: Take a shower before entering the pool to ensure you're clean. This can help minimize the risk of introducing any bacteria into the water.

- Proper Insertion: If using tampons or menstrual cups, make sure they are properly inserted to prevent leaks. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for insertion.

- Stay Active: Engage in light physical activity while swimming. This can help menstrual blood flow downward and reduce the chances of leaks.

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- Avoid Jumping or Diving: While swimming, be cautious with vigorous movements like jumping or diving, as these actions might create more pressure and increase the risk of leakage.

- Stay Calm: Remember that others around you are likely not paying as much attention to your situation as you might think. Stay confident and enjoy your time in the water.

- Stay Informed: Stay updated on your menstrual flow pattern. If you have particularly heavy flow days, you might want to avoid swimming on those days or opt for the highest absorbency menstrual product available.

- Listen to Your Body: If you're not feeling well or are experiencing discomfort, it's okay to skip swimming during your period. Prioritize your comfort and well-being.



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