5 Facts About Carmen Bsaibes 'Aida' in the Series Layali Eugénie

Farida Abdel Malek
5/24/18, 12:00 AM

Everyone is currently in love with the charm, class and beauty of Carmen Bsaibes or 'Aida' in her role in Ramadan 2018 series, Eugénie Nights. She's married to Dhaffer L'Abidine who plays 'Farid' and the series has showed us so far their interesting relationship dynamic. This and her enchanting Lebanese accent has had people hooked on the show in the early days of Ramadan. 

for the people who noticed the young actress and are interested to know more about her, we gathered 5 facts about the television beauty:

1. Carmen is a Lebanese actress and director. 

She started her acting journey in 2011, when she was just 18, in her role in the Egyptian television series Al Gamaa. In 2013, she acted with actress Yousra in the show Nekdeb Law Olna Mabinhibich. After that, she continued to study directing in Lebanon before returning back to acting in Ramadan last year in the Egyptian series El Zebaq.

2. Carmen was born in Lebanon on the 9th of October 1993. 

She dreams of becoming a director, however, she put that dream on pause at the moment to focus on her acting career.

3. Carmen acted this year in the first Lebanese historical movie, The Transvestite Saint. 

Carmen appeared in a completely different look with a pixie short hair as her character as a girl who lives and disguises herself as a boy. It is a true story from the Byzantine Empire, in an era where men had control over religion. Her character defies all the rules put for women in order to gain and put forth justice.


4. Carmen also took part in the Iranian short film Damascus Time.

 The movie discusses Syria's problems from a humanitarian and non-political perspective. She played the role of a Syrian refugee. The movie won best short film at the Fajr International Film Festival, it also screened in the Cannes Film Festival.

5. Finally, Carmen is married to someone who is not in the field. 

She dislikes fame and talking about her personal life. In interviews, she talks about how important it is for her to take on roles that she finds meaningful to her, regardless of their success or resulting fame. 

Image Credits: Instagram @carmenbsaibes


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