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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Your Ultimate Ramadan Survival Guide

Ramadan 2017 is almost here! To get ready for the holy month, you need to read this Ramadan 2017 survival guide. Ramadan days are quite hard during the summertime, so you need to know some tips and tricks to help you get through. So, to survive the heat wave and the long fasting hours, here is the ultimate Ramadan survival guide.

- One of the things to consider, is to avoid salty food, greasy food, and junk food at Suhoor time. This will help you avoid bloating, and dehydration the next day.

- One of the most important tips to add to the Ramadan survival guide is to avoid caffeine at Suhoor time.  It dehydrates your body and will make you feel tired the next day.

- Eat carbs, it turns into sugar slowly and will give you energy for the next morning.

- Another important Ramadan tip, is to eat fava beans for Suhoor, it's a meal that will keep you feeling full.

- The ultimate Ramadan survival guide is just not complete without a water tip. Drink lots of water after breaking your fast in Ramadan, eight glasses of water are a must after Iftar.

- Have a good amount of sleep and rest to avoid headaches the next day.

- Eat in moderation on Iftar and eat slowly. This will help you avoid bloating and feeling like you can’t breathe and to enjoy the rest of night.

- Eating yogurt and drinking milk is one of the most important Ramadan tips I can share with you. It will keep your throat from drying the next day.

- Embrace the family gatherings, it's a great chance to embrace the ties with your family.

- Thinking about food all day long won’t help, this will only make you cranky and definitely won’t make time move faster.

- Embrace the spirit of the holy month and be good to everyone.

- Try to schedule your day so it would be productive, you can work with a to-do list to help you stay organized.

- Try to practice sports during Ramadan, if you can’t, I suggest you practice yoga and meditation.

- Ramadan is a great opportunity to decrease your intake of cigarettes, maybe even quit.

- Another important Ramadan survival tip is not to spend your whole night watching TV. Try to hang out with your friends, practice sports or do some good. You’ll feel happier and productive.

- Avoid eating lots of sweets and desserts! Just have some, because you won’t love the time you’ll spend trying to lose those extra kilos you gained. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

- Try to be positive and start counting your blessings; it will make you celebrate the great spirit of Ramadan.

- Make time to be grateful for the blessings you have and don’t have.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @nabilahkariem

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