DIY Ramadan Decorations for Your Home

Sara Khalil
4/22/20, 12:00 AM

Celebrate Ramadan 2020 with your family and friends by adding Ramadan decorations at your home; a simple touch will certainly add a festive look to your space. Check out the following DIY Ramadan decorations for your home, they're all about easy and simple crafts that you can do with your kids.

From making Ramadan paper lanterns, to drawing crescent moons and stars on the walls, and much more, you can easily get your home ready for the Ramadan 2020 spirit. As you're planning Iftar and Sohour gatherings for your friends and family, make sure to include some of these DIY Ramadan decorations. Everyone will surely love embracing the Ramadan vibes!

Scroll down and see our favorite DIY Ramadan decorations for your home.

Get artsy 


Here are even more ideas for Ramadan decorations.

You can have a different take on Ramadan decorations by trying out something that looks more modern and crafty. All you need is some arts equipment and then let your creativity take you wherever it leads. We love this idea of playing around with a wall in your home. 

Keep it minimal


You don't have to go all out or shop for new Ramadan decorations. You can bring out your old stash of Ramadan decor and style it differently around the house. For a more modern take, keep the colors neutral and simple. You can also decorate your vase with a simple DIY ramadan card. 

Curious how you can easily make your bedroom a lot cozier?

Print it out


Print out colored paper, or color paper yourself, grab a gold pen, a stamp, scissors and you have yourself the most gorgeous ramadan decor. 

Get crafty with the kids


This is such a cute DIY Project you can do with your kids. Spend the day cutting out circles and stars, maybe even out of newspaper, and glue them to a string and you can hang them up from the door or even a chandelier. 

Here are more fun activities you can do with your kids at home.

If you need a step by step tutorial, check out this DIY Ramadan decorations video:


Looking for another creative DIY? We've got a ton here!


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