When you're inviting people over for dinner, its a hectic and nerve-wracking thing. Add a Ramadan gathering into that, and it gets crazy. people are hungry, they want to eat and they want to eat really good food. Top that with being a newlywed couple, well, God be with you. 

As a newlywed couple, you want to impress your guests, show off the 'we've got it all together' vibe, and cook amazing food, set an amazing table decor, and be the best welcoming hosts. Yes, it's really hard, so, here are some tips we got from couples who have been through that intense Ramadan big gathering. 

1. If its not a weekend and you have to be at the office, leaving work early is a must! You both need all the time you can get to make this day go by smoothly.

2. Meal Prepping is your best friend. Make yourself a mini menu at the beginning of the week. Pick meals that are universal and more likely to fit most people's taste. Go shop for what you need, spice and chop things, ready to be taken out of the fridge or freezer onto the pans.

3. Prepare the table the night before, especially if you want to put extra effort and create a cool theme. organize and make it pretty so you don't have to worry about it the next day.

4. Spread on your bed the clothes you plan on wearing. The kitchen is a hot, sweaty place, you're going to barely be able to get in and out of the shower, let alone think of makeup and clothes. So, you have what you want to wear ready to just slip on and throw on a bit a bronzer and mascara.

5. Help each other out, divide the forces. Whoever is better at cooking take the lead in that and the other person can clean up and organize. If you'd rather work alone and have things done your way then by all means give yourself the time and do it by yourself.

6. Organize the kitchen before you start cooking. Remove everything unnecessary on your counters to create for yourself as much space as possible to get messy and place things wherever you want. 

7. Clean up on the spot. After Iftar you will not have the energy to clean up the kitchen and wash the pans and pots, so as you go, whatever you're done with load the dishwasher quickly.

8. Put foil on the stove while frying, it will make the cleaning process later much easier. But make sure it doesn't block the gas outlets.

9. Don't make appetizers if you're hosting a really big gathering, because, guests end up getting full just by eating them, and they leave plenty of leftovers from the main dishes. 

10. Don't make desserts. Every family or couple you have over will show up with a dessert. You will end with huge boxes of desserts and no place in your fridge. So don't add to that by my making your own.

11. It's time to put your fancy china plates on display for the guests, but as for the serving plates, use the dishwasher friendly to save yourself time and energy. 

12. Distract your guests with television after Iftar to give you time to clean up the table and throw things in the dishwasher.