Red is the color of passion! Red lipstick has always been a dazzling accessory to every girl's lips. Applying red lipstick can be a hit or a big miss, so here's all what you must know about fiercely pulling off red lipstick. 

1. Your lips must be well prepared.

If you apply red lipstick on a dry lips, it will give you a totally unflattering look. You need to prepare your lips using a lip-balm so they stay moisturized and soft. You can also use a soft clean toothbrush and rub it to your lips after running it under warm water. This reduces dry skin and keeps a smoother surface as well. 

2. Apply a lip-liner.

In order to keep your red lipstick un-smudged, you need to neatly apply a lip-liner all over your lips first. This step is so important, as it keeps your lips a closed area that helps the lipstick stay inside the contoured line. Opt for a lip-liner shade that is utterly close to tone of your lips. Make sure you apply a delicate thin layer of lip liner. 

3. Applying the red lipstick.

Here comes the most important step, which is choosing the correct shade of the red lipstick. Professional make-up experts agreed that warm reds works best for tanned or darker skin tones, as there's less contrast, while cool red shades suits people with lighter skin tones. If your skin tine is fair, then orange reds are more likely to pop and stand out quite more. 

For a flawless look, add carefully your red lipstick through a lip brush. This way you will have more control over the lipstick as well as blend both the lipstick and the lip-liner together. With the brush, you will be able to apply red lipstick evenly and precisely. 

4. Make the red lipstick stand out.

Wearing red lipstick is a bold statement of its own, that's why you need to keep your eye make-up extremely clean and simple yet not too boring and minimal. Make sure your make-up look is perfectly balanced by applying dark rich mascara and simple black eyeliner. A soft, shimmery gold or silver eye shadow would add an outstanding touch to your eyes. Do you want your lips to scream for attention? Shed more light on your lips, by adding a coat of clear lip gloss for a shiny appearance.