Don’t Miss Out on Tiktok’s Coquette Beauty Aesthetics
Mariam Youssef
5/24/23, 6:00 PM

You may believe you have your finger on the pulse of fashion trends, but if you are still waiting to start on your Coquette era, you must read this guide. Furthermore, if you want to persuade Generation Z that you understand your fashion game, you must pay attention.

TikTok has a history of launching new popular trends. Do you remember cottagecore? Balletcore and the old-money aesthetic quickly followed. We're sorry for saying this, but if you're still wearing your cottagecore era's romantic puffed-sleeve flowery dresses and quilted coats, you're just as hip as a side-parting in the minds of our most critical Gen Z peers. On that note, read this guide to know everything about TikTok’s Coquette beauty trend.

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What is the Coquette beauty aesthetic?

The term "Coquette" refers to a "flirtatious woman." The style is associated with fun hyper-femininity and is defined by soft pastels, ornaments, lace, and strings of pearls - and followers of the trend are obsessed with rose-print fabrics, lipstick prints, pricey luxury perfumes, designer couture, and Mary Jane footwear with white socks. The coquette aesthetic frequently references Lana Del Rey's first album Born to Die and Sofia Coppola's extravagant film Marie Antoinette.

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How to rock the Coquette beauty trend?

Think balletcore's soft pastel pinks and delicate lace, cottagecore's frills and feminine accents, dark academia's exaggerated collars and scholarly-looking shoes, and strings of luxurious pearls from your 'old money' phase, and you're going to have your coquette aesthetic flawlessly ready and set for your first appearance. Need some visual inspiration? Have a glimpse at the best of TikTok's best well-executed coquette representations…

The Coquette girl makeup

Think feminine, soft, and minimal makeup. All you need to achieve this coquette girl makeup is to wear light concealer, blush, eyelash and brow mascara, and neutral lipstick. The point is to look effortlessly feminine without looking like you’re wearing too much makeup. Pink blush and eyeshadow would be ideal, but you shouldn’t apply too much product to avoid looking unnatural. Nonetheless, one of the things that distinct the Coquette girl trend is luxury. Therefore, you should invest in high-end makeup, such as Dior, Gucci, and Chanel. Check out these videos to draw inspiration from them.

The Coquette girl closet

Because the trend is all about femininity, the first outfit idea you should think of is a cardigan over a dress. The freshness of this look alone can transform your entire wardrobe to make you look like a true Coquette girl. Coquette literally means "a flirtatious woman," and the aesthetic is characterized by everything feminine, elegant, and dreamy. Coquette style emphasizes the most simple joys of both our beauty and our wardrobes, from lace tops, corsets, miniskirts, and pointelle knits to clunky high heels, pearls, and knitted stockings. Coquette clothes styles are laid-back, whimsical, and easygoing, with a color palette based primarily on pastels and sweet colors. Frills, knits, and lacework are all important features in coquette designs. Overall, the look is a distinct version of vintage summer clothes. Heart-shaped eyeglasses, pearl hair clips, gold bewitching trinkets, and hair bows are also essential coquette accessories.

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The Coquette girl room décor aesthetics

While this step is not necessary, some girls may want to go the extra mile and apply the Coquette aesthetics to their room décor. There are no specific rules when it comes to decorating your room to fit the trend aesthetics, but you can use its characteristics as your guide. Pink sheets, pastel flowers, pink candles, and delicate lace curtains are a good place to start. You may put your open pastel wardrobe to the display to emphasize the atmosphere. Check these inspirational videos.

@user9472830462749 Antwoorden op @Nie wnikam w nazwę👍 coquette bedroom🌸🎀📃👰‍♀️ || suggest in the comments for other styles || #room #roominspo #roomtour #inspiration #love #foryoupage #foryou #fy #viral #trending #coquette #coquetteroom #princess #style ♬ origineel geluid - ๋࣭ ⭑ ⸱៰ ͘ ࣭⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ

You cannot deny that TikTok is keeping us pretty entertained with all its fashion and beauty trends. You don’t have to stick to each one as is; add or remove whatever it is that doesn’t suit your personality or our culture. The whole point of sharing these trends is to stay on top of what’s new and maybe find your sense of style.

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