Everything You Need to Know About The TikTok Vanilla Girl Aesthetics
Mariam Youssef
5/21/23, 1:00 PM

You may have heard about the new girl on TikTok that’s become the platform’s new obsession. Her name is Vanilla Girl, and she is distinguished by two characteristics: She's comfortable and "clean." She might like a loose cozy knit jumper over leggings with short Uggs and she exclusively wears neutral tones like white, beige or a very light brown. Her hair is slicked back, and she wears minimal makeup — perhaps just lip gloss, brow pencil, and liquid blush. She's stylish, polished, and, most importantly, effortless. Vanilla Girl is defined by a cream-colored palette, soft clothing (ideally knits and matching sets), basic looks, and anything vanilla-scented.

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Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Vanilla Girl and how to achieve her looks.

It is important to know that the Vanilla Girl trend may have had its share of controversy since it initially used to feature blonde girls. However, we’re stressing that any girl can try the Vanilla Girl trend and rock it!

Vanilla Girl Wardrobe

As mentioned earlier, Vanilla Girls wear neutral tones like white, beige, and light brown. So, her wardrobe is mainly focused on these shades. However, you can still incorporate other colors.

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Choose any creamy or white top and pair it with jeans or another creamy bottom. You can create a monochromatic outfit by choosing a single color and its shades in the same outfit. Moreover, you can incorporate different neutral colors and create a relaxing palette that helps you to achieve the Vanilla Girl trend.


The same concept applies to the bottoms when creating Vanilla Girl outfits. Stick to neutral shades and match them with white, off-white, or light brown tops.


Keep your accessories in the same color palette to create the ultimate Vanilla Girl outfit. Accessories like hair ties, headphones, shoes, and bags can be white, black, or any neutral color.

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Vanilla Girl Makeup

To achieve the perfect Vanilla Girl look, stick to minimalistic makeup that highlights your features but doesn’t look too much. These basics will make it easier for you to achieve the look:


Start your makeup by applying a subtle amount of concealer under your eyes. You don’t need much; a few drops go a long way. Make sure you choose 

a light to medium coverage concealer as you don’t need full coverage for this look.

Cream Blush & Highlighter

The method of applying cream blush and highlighter is fun. Apply a few dots of each product side by side and blend well for that glowy, fresh, dewy look.

Eye & Brow Mascara

Some girls opt for glitter eyeshadow or highlighter on their eyelids, but this step isn’t necessary. You can simply apply some mascara on your eyelashes and brows for a clean look.

Brown Liner

To give your eye depth, apply a brown eyeliner or brown eyeshadow. Make sure you go for a subtle application to end up with a clean look.

Neutral Lips & Gloss

Your lips have to look as neutral as your entire look, so choose a neutral lip tint or lipstick and apply a gloss on top to make the whole makeup look come together.

Vanilla Girl Essentials

Although outfits and makeup are enough to make you achieve the Vanilla Girl look, there are other essentials you may need to rock this trend. Check them out:

  • Vanilla-scented perfume or body splash
  • Gold/ pearl jewelry
  • Cute pajamas
  • Neutral home décor
  • Vanilla Girl Nails (pearl, French, or subtle nails)

Now that you know pretty much everything about the Vanilla Girl trend, are you ready to give it a try? The rules are simple and you don’t have to apply them all to rock this trend.

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